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  1. @Diazo Hi, CKAN still shows as incompatible with 1.3:
  2. That would be just star itself, no planets as they all would have perished in supernova explosion
  3. LOL, me too. Same thing, ha, ha! For that reason I like the Near Future Solar. The large deployable panel "sticks out" further from the mount point allowing more flexibility.
  4. Ah, I came here to check on your landship progress. Do post more images:) I ended up playing Homeworld - Deserts of Kharak for few days because of you. I have not finished the single player campaign yet. Then I watched The Martian in meantime and I'm thinking about going back to KSP to fly some missions to Duna. I haven't played for several weeks, only trolled the forums:) *** @Stewcumber - your contraptions are awesome
  5. Has anyone figured out an elegant (or even semi-elegant) way to carry a rover to the surface of another planet other than having it attached to the outside of a lander or using a weird space crane contraption? I tried to mess around with the stock cargo bays but they seem rather useless.
  6. @FungusForge How about KSP Wheel? It has adjustable gearing. Just turn off damage in the preferences, they're fragile. Are you using TweakScale and Kerbal Joint Reinforcement? TweakScale also increases a part's specs not just size.
  7. Is that where your inspiration came from: the land carrier from Deserts of Kharak? I haven't played that game though, I probably should.
  8. I used a lot of mods but I found KAS/KIS overwhelming, just didn't have the mind to dig into these two mods. I did try a mod that allowed you to pack stuff into crates, don't recall the name, but it was somewhat convoluted as well.
  9. I wonder if that's what was happening to me: "kick the rover up on undock" sounds like it! I made sure to engage all wheel brakes before takeoff but I never used the yellow wheels.
  10. Yes, It works fine. I used 4 engines for larger rovers too. But again, this is a one way trip. I was looking for a reusable solution. This was the most successful design. Rovers did not explode every single time, but still often enough to discourage use.
  11. I used hacked, i.e slightly overpowered RCS thrusters for that. I'd fire the upwards facing ones during turns or if the rover lost grounds contact. Also, front firing thrusters aided in braking, while rear and downward facing ones help with jumps, although that was risky unless the rover had a reaction wheel to keep it level. Ah, found some pictures. This was before I learned how to edit cfg files to add internal reaction wheels. The top-side mounted thrusters helped with leveling up the rover if it flipped. This one did not have front and rear facing thrusters. I later used quint-thrusters for more flexibility
  12. Yeah, VERY prone to flipping over, in partricular in low gravity, in my experience, almost too much so some solution was needed to prevent flipping and to recover a flipped rover. I added a reaction wheel code to the rover body .cfg files to add stability control and, in low gravity, such wheel is enough to flip the rover back over. I disliked using landing legs as recovery mechanisms for flipped rovers. Another thing that bothered me about this is that a rover will take damage when flipped and the lack of any field repair pretty much made rover missions very precarious and prone to failure because of flipping related damage or immobilization. You have to be super careful when operating a rover. The Feline rover is very prone to flipping due to high center of gravity. I designed my rowers to be flat, low and wide and used structural elements to create sort of roll cages to protect elements such as solar panels from damage when filliped over. I regret that I don't have any images. Overall, combined with the difficulties of transportation, I gave up on rovers.
  13. IMHO, you need fewer (not more), much larger and more actuated wheel groups or track assemblies, and not just on the sides but underneath too for extra traction. Or something like the sand crawler from Star Wars. It might be difficult to build in KSP. And there always be some difficult terrain that it will not be able to negotiate. What would be super cool: to make it a giant hovercraft!
  14. The thing for me was that when I docked a rover (using standard docking ports inside or outside a carrier vessel) it would "explode" when detached later. As if the detaching force was great and shot the rover with great speed. If this happened inside a bay, it usually resulted in explosion. If the port was on the outside of the ship the rover would fly away really far and this also resulted in damage. I've built many cargo vessels, both with various bays to carry the rover inside or with external attachments. The only way it worked for me was if the rover was attached to a crane style carrier with a coupler. No problem. But that was a one way trip. I wanted a solution that would allow me to load up the rover to fly it to other locations. It's possible that some mod was to blame, but I'm pretty sure I tried this on pretty vanilla game with same results. If you look at the image I posted above: The rover is actually flying at great speed out of the bay. I had to be quick to take this shot. It ended up kilometers away from the ship and in pieces.
  15. @Zeiss Ikon@KerikBalm@EpicSpaceTroll139 I won't quote the replies for neatness sake. 1) Yes, this is on a PC, Windows 10 2) Yes, it was heavily modded, but this has been happening at different times with different mods. I can't tell which mod was causing this. Maybe KJR but I need it for my larger ships. 3) Yes, I use autostruts, but without autostruts my larger ships just break apart. Although, this time it happened to a tiny lander. What is interesting is that if you keep switching between ships, each time they're disfigured differently, they can even return to normal or mostly normal state. There was one theory that these Kraken attacks happen if you leave an ISRU or nuclear reactor running, then save the game and reload it. But this time I simply switched between ships and my lander got mangled. The point is that this by itself would be workable. I could try to figure this out, change the way I build ships. But there are other bugs in the game with the memory stutter and sudden FPS drops being the worst. I already stopped playing the game before 1.3 then came back hoping the game would behave better. I got 500+ hours out of $15 I paid for the game so I'm not complaining, I can't deny that I did have fun. But I have a tendency to build large, complex ships and the game just can't handle that. @NISSKEPCSIM - thanks, but most were only for show. Most were unplayable due to low frame rate.
  16. This was with KJR
  17. Today. I said farewell to KSP and uninstalled the game. I tolerated the bugs hoping they would get fixed, but I've just grown too tired of my ships randomly twisting and exploding after I've put an hour into a mission. 1.3 didn't fix my main issues with the game: stutter and random ship disassembly. Time to do something else. Cheers all. It's been fun.
  18. @linuxgurugamer Huge thank you! I was missing this mod in 1.3.
  19. The unofficial version works for me with 1.3. My ships no long behave like wet noodles. Thank you!
  20. I also noticed that mine is huge, but I don't really care enough to figure it out. My Kerbals simply require more sunblock. You could try resizing the PNGs?
  21. Maybe not actually the first one - hard to remember - but it's the first one in my KSP>Images>01 folder.
  22. Also "Fly safe" is used in Elite and possibly many other space and flight games. I don't see why this has to be a reference to Manley. It's a common phrase.
  23. I used 1.2 until last week. I was just waiting for my fav mods to be updated. I'm still missing couple of other mods, but not crucial. 1.3 does not bring much indeed but I find that 1.3 has less stutter. Even though there is no MemGraph for 1.3, the stutter isn't as bad as in 1.2. I also appreciate the lack of seams, they were very annoying.
  24. Because without mods I can't plain KSP. I was actually going to return it before I discovered the mods.They complete the game. I currently have 56 mods installed with 1.3. And most of these are considered necessary for me to play the game. So I can finally play 1.3! Thanks to all the modders! Too many to list. if you care here is the list of my current mods.