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  1. @Nertea in the FFT CTT patch the KV-1 gets patched to the nuclearRefueling node which isn't existing.
  2. curious that no one has reported the double cargo mess. If you switch any WBI Tank that is also B9PartSwitchable you get both after scene switch. After reconfiguring in the Editor it look OK at first. After a bit of switching to KSC etc. I've seen that the content changed and B9 had magicaly returned to the tanks giving me extra fuel. The Delta Tanks were holding Aurum and Equipment. Will take a look at the MM patches when I have the time for it, maybe someone already has mentioned it and an idea/solution
  3. Well after re-reading my own post I see the error on my side. I meant him to post a screenshot of the folder so I can check which mods we both use and therefore aren't causing the issue. Sorry for not writing that clearly
  4. Sorry, that link leads to a file called GameData without any extension. I tried to open it with anything I can think of right now but with no luck. What kind of file is it?
  5. @PhoenixSpaceIndustriesIf you post your GameData Folder I could possibly help you iron it out faster. Im also running heavily modded and I know of the pain tracking those issues.
  6. Hi @magico13 in my current career game I get enormous lag spike's in VAB when I modify/build ships. I could track it down to the "Auto Apply Inventory" function of ScrapYard. As soon as I have a part on my mouse, either new or from the ship, the console gets spammed with: [KCT] Inventory was applied. Recalculating. It seems it tries to recalculate for every part that is on the ship and has a counterpart in the inventory every second. If Auto-Apply unchecked it runs smooth again. Obviously that lag gets worser with game progress as more parts are available and inventoried. For no
  7. Hi magico, the latest build on GitHub ( is marked for KSP 1.3.1. I'm a bit confused as the Version of the latest build is lower than before. KSP is also telling me that it was build for KSP 1.22. I'm even more confused as it is even working in 1.3.1 but I see some diffrence to your pre-release with which I had Tech's that are undergoing research marked green/yellow. The newest version isn't doing that. Is there something messed up in your versioning or did I something wrong?
  8. I'm glad this issue is a matter to more of us. I was kinda afraid when ShotgunNinja was replying to a lot of problems but ignored this one. I am eagerly waiting a new version which hopefully has at least a workaround we can live with. I really love the mechanics it is adding to KSP.
  9. Which is the reason I cant use Kerbalism at the moment. I lose every crew as soon as I go to 10k Timewarp. Even at 1k Timewarp the scripts sometimes do not get called and crew dies.(Talking about vessel in shadow and scripts use to minimize EC need) At 10k in interplanetary space, crew dies cause of missing power while there always is plenty of it. Doing a Duna transfer on 1k Timewarp is far away from fun for me. I really hope this issue can be solved soon. ( I really mean soon. NOT soon™)
  10. Hi has anyone seen a similar issue?: Sometimes when I undock a vessel I receive a kinda phantom force which phushes the vessel directly upwards from the body it is orbiting. I have no indication what is causing this as it is happens randomly. Different rent vessels with different parts. The only solution to stop it is to quit ksp and reboot. If I go back to the tracking station the orbit stays correct. If I fly the vessel from which I undocked and the undocked one is still in physics range that force is again applied.
  11. Ok, to get more precise: Taking a picture with a TST camera doesn't work for me when Research Bodies is installed. Tracking Bodies does even with a TST camera search for bodies at the front of the ship and not in front of the camera(you get what I mean?) If the camera is looking at minmus it doesnt find it as it is searching in front of the ship(though the control of the vessel was on the camera) aka in front of the root part. The observatory UI, after starting a new game, has some text on the left side which gets cut off. After I tracked minmus their should be something to do in the
  12. Well we are on the way already. ScanSat, Tac FB, USI, EPL are already updated. I think even more but cant remember every bit
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