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  1. Only one mirror works i think. I used infrared instead of microwave because microwave range is really too short to power planet-wide like kerbin. I used two mirrors because i wanted to be able to switch from infrared to ultraviolet once i'll need to go further. Thus i have one infrared and one ligh mirror, and when i'll need, i'll swap. Except that it does not even works for infrared so i'm loveed. I can't swap transmitter wavelenght as it is a really really big ship and i won't be able to disconnect antenna, swap beam producer, and reconnect. I could do, but there is n
  2. After multiples tests nothing work. I really don't understand what's wrong. I have both light and infrared mirrors on sat, so, as infrared did not allow transmission for short infrared, I looked for light mirrors and they are able to... my wavelenght is 0.0000022 as said by ms6107. (pivotedLightMirror.cfg) minimumRelayWavelenght = 0.0000001 maximumRelayWavelenght = 0.000009 I disabled all infrared, activated all light, using the "link for relay" option, activated all relays, anddddddddddddddddd... nothing. Still works when direct line of sight.
  3. So, you're telling me i can't use infrared mirrors to relay short infrared beams... Thanks, i'll try changing relay antenas. Okay, you were right, wavelength are not compatibles... So how can i relay short infrared ?
  4. Oh that's what "link for relay" do. I understand, but i have "activate relay" on all my satellites, and none of them has "link for relay" option. I tried using another receiver which has "link for relay option", nothing changed. Not working. No other mirror is active on sattelites. I really don't understand. Thanks for helping by the way
  5. I'm experiencing issues on my power relay network. I have a big reactor at like, 100km altitude of kerbin, with infrared beam generator (short infrared). Everything is ok, it's transmitting fine, and i'm able to receive it when i have line of sight. Now, i want be able to receive that power anywhere. I built a 4-relay-sat rocket, sent it to space, orbit kerbin at 400km altitude, etc etc, same orbital period, on a perfect square. I put "infrared relay" on "relay mode" and.................. nothing. I tried to activate the light mirror (i have both light and infrared mirrors just in
  6. I encountered one bug (at least) and probably a mistake. The little water purifier (1.25m) is not working at all. I tried to put it elsewhere on my craft in order to see if that was because of some strange "resource flow" but nope. I used alternate resource panel to check if total remaining time was changing when i activated it but no. Carbon recycler (1.25m) works correctly, therefore there is a bug on (at least) the little water recycler : it does not consume waste water neither produce water (i'm not sure about the "does not wonsume" part). Another problem : recyclers descriptio
  7. So, according to what i read until now, there is compatibility between TAC-LS and USI mods, it's ok ? I can play in peace now ? Great job guys !
  8. Hi, i'm proud to say i'm using TAC-life, but i'm having some issues since last update. I'm also using USI-kolonization, and i'm wondering if there is already a way to make kolonization parts production tac-life supplies (a .cfg file ?). In previous versions, it was possible, but since last realease, i'm not able to play because of that. Thanks by advance.
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