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  1. Thygrrr


    Cool, I'll check that out. I have to say the part is so spot on my favorite aspects of this mod. Launch costs in stock are very much too cheap. You test a landing gear splashed down at Kerbin, and then you get enough funds to make it to the Mün, Regarding some of the nerfs, for playability, I usually make Reaction wheels 20% or 10% of their stock power (in my own little patch I run); 1% sounds harsh in terms of just the time required to orient craft. Works reasonably well for probes though. I don't think you're wrong about these, of course. Just saying. I'll play this
  2. I exclusively play career. It's the best game mode, though only with mods is the contract choice pleasant enough to entertain.
  3. No, it's a great suggestion and it comes close. I'll try it in my next career save.
  4. I finished my Duna Program today (even though 6 Kerbals are still orbiting, I will need to run a crew rotation) This is the first time I landed Kerbals on Duna after... many hours of KSP. Super happy, because this was connected and made possible by the large station I built around Ike (and moved to Duna) earlier this week. Over 60 mods active, in particular USI Life Support, which made this mission challenging because of Habitation, Homesickness, and Supplies. Full Album with lots of Gifs: https://imgur.com/a/7Vc5bNh No other game gives me
  5. Yeah grouchy Kerbals glitch out for me, too, I use KML or Sublime edit to fix them if that happens. I'll provide some logs if I get the issue again.
  6. Thygrrr


    I was getting really excited about this mod until it got to the Tech Tree. That kind of breaks it for me, science and research is my raison d'être, and funding is an important second dimension to it... not the ONLY dimension. I'll still give it a spin in one of my future saves.
  7. Cool! So that's an intentional feature. However, the NPE gets thrown only in that case. So at least I spotted a little bug (can't narrow it down much, the code is a bit wild down there :))
  8. [EXC 21:42:38.096] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object LifeSupport.LifeSupportMonitor_Editor.OnGUI () (at <293124646a844ce6b8853ebbceabb423>:0) [EXC 21:42:38.096] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object LifeSupport.LifeSupportMonitor_Editor.OnGUI () (at <293124646a844ce6b8853ebbceabb423>:0) Yep. (interestingly, Nancy was badS, but not a vet, and Isaus was just a plain Kerbal)
  9. And also I have a bug where I don't even understand what's going on internally, because "indefinite" should only show if there is no effect for that Kerbal; but some habitat modules seem to make it go indefinite for Nancy Kerman, a normal Pilot, but not her Engineer, Isaus Kerman. Quick video of this: https://imgur.com/NlEyoui EDIT: Ah, according to the code, that's the "default" value for the Hab string, so probably there is either an execution path that falls through, or execution is diverted (Exception thrown)
  10. Well but the values are very, very wrong. This makes planning super difficult and this display is basically useless. Also I can never know WHEN my Kerbals go MIA or Grouchy on me... I think it's somewhere around this code from the mod... but I think it's maybe the time conversion afterwards, but this code can miss a lot of connected resources, as flowState I guess really isn't the way to go anymore. private double GetResourceInVessel(Vessel vessel, string resName) { if (vessel == null) return 0d; var amount = 0d; var
  11. I keep getting "EC Expired" even though there's PLENTY of charge on the space station. It is in a separate module, though. In fact, I put a small lander to the test and oddly the numbers are way out of whack. It can easily go all night without running out of EC, yet the USI LS mod thinks it's 30 minutes before the lights go out. Do I need to be worried? This is significantly worse after I set a 10x higher EC value (0.1) of course, probably because I now need to check my station every 5 days.
  12. I did NOT go to Duna today. Mission Album: https://imgur.com/a/TiDKBsj
  13. The way other mods do warps is pretty simple and ingenious. As soon as you hit that warp button, you get your own time bubble. Everything on rails is directly visible and interactive there, and can even be updated from the past by other players. There is a question what will happen to stuff that will be changed in the future, but that generally isn't an issue either - just flag a craft that it has future maneuvers done to it; or override the future with the past changes - both make sense, and players prefer one or the other. You can click a button to catch up (fast forward) your time
  14. I've been thinking about a mod that makes Science a more valuable resource, and to make craft a little less "perfectly mechanical". Every part starts with tolerances of about 10% for each instance of it you place on a vessel. The core game play idea of the Mod is that you can spend science to reduce these percentages by an order of magnitude, e.g. Level 1 = 10%, Level 2 = 1%, Level 3 = 0.1%, Level 4 = 0.01%, Level 5 = x*0.001%. This could work using the existing and very neglected part upgrade mechanics, or by maybe for starters just paying the same amount of science AGAIN repea
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