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  1. That flip switch would, in that form, not exist on any space craft; and there are many simulations that offer a plain UX rather than a skeuomorphic one. I also think the Altimeter is borderline unusable, and in reality mechanical digital displays do not switch easily between orders of magnitude (m, km, Mm) Also, KSP is a game, not a simulator. Anyway, I am grateful you corrected my spelling on this one.
  2. You should make this read "Above Sea Level" and "Above Ground Level" instead of "Altitude Mode: XXX" It will be much more transparent for players and more different letters mean easier to spot what mode it is in. ASL / AGL would only work if the S and G difference was very prominently featured, e.g. with a fat flip switch. But I dislike skeumorphism so just have it say the one or the other.
  3. There is a limit to the precision of the floating point numbers used that KSP utilizes to display dates. At some point, the precision will be very jittery and that will cause orbital calculations to go haywire. Onrails stuff will break once the seconds in the game are above 100000000000000 seconds, which is a crazy long time. 12 million kerbin years, give or take. Could happen 10x or 100x earlier, but at some point the precision will just still be good enough for the game to work.
  4. You could ask on the LMP discord for some live and hands-on support from the many players.
  5. I have no idea then, very sorry.
  6. Do you click on the little "Play" icon? Or just on the server name?
  7. Can't see any errors, nor any connection attempts - what are you doing to connect? These buttons connect to a server. The green plus button on screen 1 is only for local servers or those that don't want to get listed on the master server.
  8. That's not correct, this looks rather like they have a broken reflection probe; or forgot one; likely their multi camera system affects how far a reflection probe can look. There's an "infinite" setting, but the probe needs to be in the right scene; and if that isn't the scene the Stayputnik is in, it's hard to get that texture "across" (but it is doable)
  9. Care to share the code at some point? My idea is to not only show it in the Editor, but also in the ship Resource Panel. Like a consumable resource. My original question was more about the API of that class, though. I can see it in autocomplete and it's mentioned in the API docs.
  10. That's exactly what I was implying. However, with air pressure, ISP will change, meaning your DeltaV will change; also, if you decide to hover on the Mun you're wasting dV without going anywhere. So there is a perfect and a worst case ascent.