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  1. Since i installed this mod i couldn't load my game entierly : it blocks at the end and load infinitly (but KSP still work: The yellow messages still change) maybe its cause of other mods mods but it dont seems logic cause i dont have that much mods.
  2. Seems cool! But the only problem is that im still in 1.2 cause of other mods Does it work with 1.2 or ?
  3. For this one you should take the same models as the altimeter and just change the texture a little bit And maybe Radio controller with more range? (Further in the Tech Tree)
  4. Apparently the the issues got fixed ! ah i spotted two things an in the aerodynamics! -Heat Shield 0.625m -Two small circular intakes
  5. ah dont saw the Update im checking it now
  6. Nice mod ! your models are so perfect ! Good work and keep it like that!
  7. I noticed some weird things like: - parts not in the right categories : Heat shields in aerodynamics instead of Thermal, cargo bays in Utility instead of Payloads, ect. - duplication and move stock parts : The Mk0 liquid fuel fuselage is in Fuel tanks and aerodynamics so its some things that, in my mind, should be fixed/changed
  8. Yay a lot of parts to mess with! And stockalike!
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