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  1. Vinhero100

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I landed a Karbonite Driller on the mun and set the tanks to planetary warehouse, and I went to look into my planetary logistics and I realized that the tab wasn't there. I installed the latest USI tools, but that didn't work. I'm playing in 1.3, with USI life support. The life support works fine. Does someone know how to fix this? Thanks! Edit: I fixed it, by deleting the toolbar mod and FTT. Not sure which one it was, but i have a feeling it was the toolbar mod.
  2. Vinhero100

    Error Accessing This Save

    this happened to me once, because my computer restarts sometimes (I have to check it again!) I don't know much about computers, but I think what happens is it doesn't know when to start up the save, (Probably not why). I don't know how to fix this though... an answer on here would help lots of people!
  3. Please ignore this post. i have got it to work, I put the suits and the texture replacer replacer in the wrong folder.
  4. Hello forum people (I'm Running out of intros!) I have a question about texture replacer/ texture replacer replaced, and the usi class suit pack. texture replacer replaced seems to not know that i installed it. I also installed the old texture replacer, but that didnt work either. I'm thinking maybe its outdated (the USI class suit is version 1.2.2, and I have an install for version 1.3) Thank you!
  5. Vinhero100

    In Wonder, He Sits Watching The Load Screen

    My ksp loads in 4 minutes and 25 seconds (timed it) my MM screwed up on the loading screen, so there is text over test where it lists the patches. But I have scatterer, Most of the USI mods by Roverdude, (MKS, Life support, FTT, Karbonite, etc.) and DMagic orbital science. Those are the ones I can remember. I have a decent processor, and I have windows 10. I guess I bought a potato (?)
  6. Vinhero100

    Mods in Stock

    KER would be nice in stock, and I heard other people say to put a RSS option, so you don't have to suffer the installation (I Don't use ckan) and bugs when you play
  7. Vinhero100

    SAS: Hold Horizon

    I support This. This will save lots of DeltaV when getting into orbit, rather than wasting it on altitude...
  8. Vinhero100

    How long will we go?

    thrity..... uhhhhh.... five?
  9. Vinhero100

    How long will we go?

  10. Vinhero100

    How long will we go?

  11. Scrap Metal Airlines proudly presents the Cardinal! (Click The Link!) You Can Download it at KerbalX! Specs: Price: 80,054 Kerbal-Dollars Cruising Altitude: 8,000 Meters Cruising Speed: 240 m/s Range:11,504 Kilometers Seats: 72
  12. Gonna do it right now!
  13. I changed it, because at the time I didn't know that changing the version wouldn't work. Edit: Thanks @Azimech, It worked! Is it too late to post it here? I have 2 hours left!
  14. the craft is on KerbalX, If you can get It working I'll post it here. Thanks!