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  1. Well you're in luck, ShadowZone made a video on the article PCgamer published a few weeks ago, and at 4:47 he discusses permanent supply lines as mentioned in the article
  2. One thing I noticed is that frame rates are up from the early pre-alpha footage. Hopefully that's a good sign!
  3. I would suspect the spherical tanks to hold fuel of some type, maybe even metallic hydrogen because they said you would have to make that off-world. Besides, they are right next to the suspected launch pad.
  4. COVID-19 will probably screw things up, but I'm going to guess it will arrive here by the holidays (end of 2020). Private Division might push them to release it by the holidays to improve their profits to make up for the lost productivity/money that COVID-19 is causing, and because of that it might not be a "complete" game, (they may not deliver all of their promises on release day).
  5. back before when I was a young noob and didn't know how to use the cheat menu or hyperedit, I ran out of electric charge a few meters above Gilly, so I lost all control without engine gimbal (was using terriers, they don't generate EC). After many hours of reloading and trying to land, I couldn't, and just gave up on (I think it was jeb?). Sad times...
  6. I don't think the game will be released at PAX East, that seems waaaaaaay too early, especially because they are still in pre-alpha in their first episode on ksp's youtube channel, but we should get some sweet updates as they confirmed they will be attending PAX East. -whoops, just responded to a post from a few pages ago, sorry guys
  7. That's what I meant by *possibly*, I think it will be out before then
  8. They already delayed it to *possibly* next year, but I'm guessing either ~June or October-November
  9. No... Spending hours traveling to a remote system for an in proportionate payment
  10. There's only one business in the galaxy that will get you this rich...
  11. It's not really more of the same. While interstellar travel may seem boring, pairing that with INTERSTELLAR BASE BUILDING will be the best combo a game like KSP could ask for. Want to build a huge base hanging over a canyon? Sure! Want to build a base balancing on a mountain in super low gravity? Sure! The list goes on.
  12. I'm gonna be honest with you, that will probably NOT be in the base game (for a while, even if they do decide they want to implement it). That's hours upon hours of coding and debugging that they can't really afford as of now. They're just trying to make a game that won't disappoint, but I'd be surprised if it goes any farther than that on launch day. (I'm being really pessimistic because I don't want to feel betrayed on launch day, but it's kinda the truth, this isn't going to be in the base game when KSP 2 launches no matter how much people want it)
  13. I can do landings/docking, but I cannot at ALL do a transfer to another planet through the use of gravity assists (I can transfer directly though.) HOW DOES ANYONE PLAN THEM!
  14. is SpaceY allowed? Its not prohibited but it seems kinda OP for this challenge *also, do we have to plant a flag on all of the moons? my kerbal is in a pretty precarious situation when it lands on Laythe/Tylo, but I can make it work. It's about time for me to get a badge. TO JOOL!
  15. I don't know why people aren't as excited about multiplayer as new star systems, which can be added with mods in KSP 1 with relative ease. This is huge, we can build colonies or send huge fleets of ships to other planets and star systems together! That is something KSP 1 could have never (and most likely will never) achieve.