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  1. Ksp version: 1.8.1 Scatterer version: for 1.8.0 could this be the problem?
  2. Didn't they already assure that there will be no microtransactions? Edit: For the record, I don't consider DLC's "Micro transactions" as long as they don't contain content that is essentially necessary to play the game
  3. I just tried some old wireless headphones I got for christmas a year ago, and they work with the steam games that had no sound but no ksp. They don't have error logs either anymore, so they are fixed. Hope this helps anyone who is experiencing this glitch on multiple games other than ksp. -just looked in the ksp log, there is nothing about audio anymore. Will try to investigate more -Nevermind, it does work
  4. this is a part that stuck out to me, even though I have no experience in any of this. The rest was just the list of parts and audio that it loaded in, but the audio obviously didn't work so that was useless. A few steam games work and fortnite is not affected by any of this (lol) anything that's not a game though works normally on my pc. And everything seems fine in device manager. As for device conflicts, I only have headphones (not even wireless!) hooked up to my laptop for sound. - oh, and I forgot to add that my pc needs a bios upgrade, even though I bought it in august, would that have to do something with the sound?
  5. I did update literally everything on my pc, but nothing worked. I found the log, and it said "No device found" right after it tried to load "editor loop01"
  6. oh sorry I forgot to mention I don't own a copy of the game from steam, I bought it off the website -sorry I didn't make that clear, forgot you can by ksp off steam
  7. Hi, As you can tell from the title My Ksp has lost all sound. This happened all of a sudden, along with most of my other steam games, but has anyone experienced this before? Thanks!
  8. ok, so when the rover reaches the staring point because I will inevitably be off by a kilometer or 2, that's when the flight time ends, or when it is dropped?
  9. Does the "Plane" (or any mode of transport) Have to be intact when it delivers the vehicle to the ground?
  10. One question: can you use autostrut?
  11. Oh, That makes so much more sense now! Thanks.
  12. Thanks, I read somewhere that I didn't need a quartermaster to push resources, only to pull from planetary logistics. Must have been outdated.
  13. I just realized, it was because there was no crew. I was trying to set up supplies plants on the moon, but i didn't put crew in so i could make my other bases require less life support. But I also have another question: can you put resources into the planetary warehouse without a quartermaster/logistics center? (sorry about the pointless question)
  14. I've been having a problem with the modules where they are only have 5% load, whatever I do. This happens with greenhouses too, so it makes self sustaining bases impossible. If anybody knows why this is happening, I would like to know the solution. Thanks!