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  1. I've had a problem when trying to open cargo bays in the VAB/SPH, they go invisible.
  2. Idk if I this has been asked before but I didn't see it on the roadmap, I feel that Gojira needs a option for a cargo bay that would open horizontally to allow us to land payloads on planets and lower them down with a crane of some sort. (I realize this is a pretty big request, but imo it defeats the purpose of landing Gojira's on planets for cargo missions if you can't unload the cargo)
  3. Idk if this counts as an exotic colony but ASTEROID colonies, either in interplanetary space or in the rings of a planet, sound super cool!
  4. for rocket stages, why not use the subassembly tab on the left of the VAB GUI?
  5. I wanted to play this game when it came out, but if it keeps getting delayed like this I'll be busy in college... and the game was announced before my first day of 9th grade!
  6. I think you're forgetting the fact that we can set up actual colonies on these planets now. In KSP 1 its "oh boy, I landed here, guess I'll leave now' and in KSP 2 it will be like "ok, I landed here, time to setup a huge independent colony on this planet with problems I have to solve in my own creative way". Besides, the whole game is getting a crazy graphics overhaul, so it won't feel like the same exact destination again. And if you want to start in a different system, mods will have you covered.
  7. no one said anything about wormholes, black holes and wormholes are 2 different things. Honestly I wouldn't mind if a black hole was a reskinned sun with super heavy gravity, and maybe an accretion disk like what they are doing with Ovin. I'm usually on team "dont expect too much from the devs, they shouldn't have to cater to every individual" but this seems like a cool idea.
  8. yea that's true. I joke about wanting clouds but in reality I rarely play with EVE, I mostly play with scatterer. It makes the oceans look so much better, and atmospheres dont look like dead textures around planets.
  9. probably not, I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  10. I always imagined mystery goo as purple lol
  11. I feel like people are expecting too much from KSP 2 devs, if there's rain I'll be extremely surprised, let alone effects caused by the rain. People are just expecting everything they don't like/want in KSP 1 to magically appear in KSP 2. I kinda feel bad for the devs as they see all of the things that they probably weren't planning on including in the game popping up in the KSP forum, causing a mass player uprising on release day when their unrealistic expectations weren't met.
  12. Basically what the title says. As you can see in my signature it's a link to the imgur image, but it won't embed.
  13. My Submission: I accelerated to 4000m/s at only 41Km, so it got a little toasty at the end
  14. It may be 2AM and there may be many exploded kerbals, but I've reached 4100m/s (I'm doing a waverider craft) in an unrecorded test. I'll post a recorded version soon!
  15. Well you're in luck, ShadowZone made a video on the article PCgamer published a few weeks ago, and at 4:47 he discusses permanent supply lines as mentioned in the article
  16. One thing I noticed is that frame rates are up from the early pre-alpha footage. Hopefully that's a good sign!
  17. I would suspect the spherical tanks to hold fuel of some type, maybe even metallic hydrogen because they said you would have to make that off-world. Besides, they are right next to the suspected launch pad.
  18. COVID-19 will probably screw things up, but I'm going to guess it will arrive here by the holidays (end of 2020). Private Division might push them to release it by the holidays to improve their profits to make up for the lost productivity/money that COVID-19 is causing, and because of that it might not be a "complete" game, (they may not deliver all of their promises on release day).
  19. back before when I was a young noob and didn't know how to use the cheat menu or hyperedit, I ran out of electric charge a few meters above Gilly, so I lost all control without engine gimbal (was using terriers, they don't generate EC). After many hours of reloading and trying to land, I couldn't, and just gave up on (I think it was jeb?). Sad times...
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