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  1. Let me update this post. Looks like part's contextual menu does work on KAS parts and Grabber/Grasper. However, I could still use some help understanding how to use the RoboStrut Grapler. I can't seem to activate it via contextual menu, or action groups.
  2. Ha, it will be weeks until I have a need for those, but what a great part.
  3. Hey, @panarchist, I don't recognise the golden hexagonal parts on your craft. Are these the antenae? Which mod?
  4. Thanks for your work in putting this guide together, @V8jester !
  5. Looks to me like the science is defined entirely in the Exploration Pack, in PackRat_Camera.cfg file. I didn't like the introduction of new science in a by-the-way fashion with vehicle pack, but at the same time I like the idea of camera equipment (for roleplaying reasons). It sounds like a simple request to move the science module to community pack. But RoverDude might need to redefine it in a more generic form than "experimentID = PakRatdataCamera". I'm pretty new to the modding community here, I can only guess if it's worth an ask. That is frickin' great! But... how do you use two Rotatrons in tandem?
  6. Hey, I wonder if you had noticed RoverDude's implementation of 'data camera' along with new type of science data. I think it is only present in his Exploration Pack, in addition to the Rat-Pack rover. It would be great to see more mods hooking into this new type of science.
  7. Hi RoverDude! First of all, I am blown away by the scope and quality of your mods. I sent some pizza monies your way. I have time to donate too, so I will be looking for ways to help out, like with the GitHub wiki. On the last page you mentioned that dedicated greenhouse and hab parts are coming. I have not set up any bases on my career save yet, so do you suggest I should hold off until you had implemented those new parts? Will they be a part of major release possibly months off, or something which is close to completion?