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  1. 1st option. If you know some way to get from enviroment, plz let me know, it whould be great!
  2. Yep... ill look for some way to improve it... Great! Minmus Texture will be the next one.... No. Great!
  3. Hi @KSPrynk! Good to know you'r enjoiyng the mod! The Uncover option exists but to play it you need the same amount of resources to cover. Yeah, I know its not good but for now it works that way... I'm thinking in a way to make it better, Ill let you know when I got something. About the textures I was fixing a bug on the airlock of the MoonVillage and I read your post just on time to fix it too. I made some improvement, plz, let me know if its better now! Ty for your support! Gabu
  4. Yeah, there are some alternatives modes!! Try it out, i think you'll like it.
  5. Release v0.8.1 (Alpha) Kerbal Kolonization Program Hey guys! I have been missing for some time and now I am bringing you something that I have been working on for some time. First of all, I would like to thank @linuxgurugamer for making this plan that I have had for some time, finally possible. These features were made for land build with KAS and KIS! !! Attention !! First of all it is important to warn that this mod needs the LGG Mod (link) to work properly. The purpose here is to make it less cheaty and bring a greater challenge
  6. LGG, making the CC KKP (Kerbal Kolonization Program) a dream come true... Ty man...
  7. Yep! Time's like hell latelly (I'm a academic planning director) and I was waiting for some stock releases to make some ideas work well, without the need of a plugin development. I'll try to make a release until the end of the month to help you guys who are in quarantine. Ty all for support! Gabu
  8. Hi @VoidCosmos! Yep. I'm waiting for the updates on news about the new Artemis project to make some new parts and revamp the old ones...
  9. Awkward silence......
  10. Release v1.0 (Alpha) Hey Guys!! Long time no see!! I'v been really busy with my work and on weekends, working on this next and final thread from CC's mod's. These should be some Blue Origin stock a like mod, with the recent features showed from Bezo's presentations. In this mod, you'll find: - New Glen parts - BE3 engine - BE4 Engine - Landers variant's **The MMSEV is not included, he's part of my 1st mod, that you can find it here. Hope you all enjoy! **Sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language. **Last one becouse, let's wa
  11. Yoh @Jasseji !! Long time no see man! I'm really sorry guys for being a absent for a while now but I wass moving from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro! \ / Just got a new job and this is taking a LOT of my time from now... buuutttt I'll not forget these projects. Just to share with you, this is an Update that I'm gonna release soon for LRE, inspired from this image fo concept from old Nautilis project from NASA: And here some pics: And this is 2 new mods that I'm going to release soon either. It's not named yet but I'm calling it "CC KE - Kolony Essentia
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