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  1. LGG, making the CC KKP (Kerbal Kolonization Program) a dream come true... Ty man...
  2. Yep! Time's like hell latelly (I'm a academic planning director) and I was waiting for some stock releases to make some ideas work well, without the need of a plugin development. I'll try to make a release until the end of the month to help you guys who are in quarantine. Ty all for support! Gabu
  3. Hi @VoidCosmos! Yep. I'm waiting for the updates on news about the new Artemis project to make some new parts and revamp the old ones...
  4. Gabu

    Is KSP2 dying?

    Awkward silence......
  5. Release v1.0 (Alpha) Hey Guys!! Long time no see!! I'v been really busy with my work and on weekends, working on this next and final thread from CC's mod's. These should be some Blue Origin stock a like mod, with the recent features showed from Bezo's presentations. In this mod, you'll find: - New Glen parts - BE3 engine - BE4 Engine - Landers variant's **The MMSEV is not included, he's part of my 1st mod, that you can find it here. Hope you all enjoy! **Sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language. **Last one becouse, let's wait and see the KSP2!!! \:)/ Download Link Some pics: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License New Glen Craft File Glen.craft?dl=0 Other CC's Mods:
  6. Yoh @Jasseji !! Long time no see man! I'm really sorry guys for being a absent for a while now but I wass moving from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro! \ / Just got a new job and this is taking a LOT of my time from now... buuutttt I'll not forget these projects. Just to share with you, this is an Update that I'm gonna release soon for LRE, inspired from this image fo concept from old Nautilis project from NASA: And here some pics: And this is 2 new mods that I'm going to release soon either. It's not named yet but I'm calling it "CC KE - Kolony Essentials" and "CC MMSEV + Bucephalus": KE - Kolony Essentials + Bucephalus: @Jasseji oh, and about the links from the other mods, I'm going to do it like you suggested. Thanks!
  7. Eae!!! Entao, seria uma boa mesmo... sabem se tem versao do DarkServer pro 1.4.5 ?
  8. Cmon man... that’s the funniest thing on the game. Built it in pieces in orbit. That’s what I do. Take time and they are really expensive. So on career they are intended to late game.
  9. Hi @thomash!! I had a lot of problems to solve this bug, and the "simple" way to make this was to change the Khermes fairing to a part itself. It won't break your save but may not look good too... be carefull and make a bkp from your savefile just in case... Sorry for late response, I'm passing through a major change of my professional life and moving to another state here on Brazil... Great!!! Good to know that!! The Titan class its my favorite too... Yoh @Aeroboi !! Man, this will take some time... it's not on my plans by now. I'll release a last mod that I'm working on and latter I'll take the LRE and make a "Nautillus" class (50% done by now) and THEN i'll go for centrifuge IVA. I don't know how to make the iva to rotate with it... i'll have to learn with the masters 1st so... time needed...
  10. Hi @thomash !! I had the same problem on 1.4.5. I'll release a fix, making this part of fairing to a single part itself.
  11. You’r right. I forgot that... Ill update it later. Thanks for the heads up!!
  12. Hey @Jasseji ! Main post updated with download link for craft files!! Hi @Barzon Kerman !! Main post updated with IVA's pics. !!
  13. Hi @theJesuit ! I’ll properly reply you in some hours because I’m going to work now. But just for the centrifuges, they do rotate but only on space. I used the KSP default animation group for performance issues so, only on space, on vacuum they rotate. I liked the idea of a new centrifuge for Titan class, do you have any mock-up of what your saying just to got the right idea? thanks!!