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  1. The Wiki may be outdated in some areas but is still a good place to start: https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/wiki/The-Kolonization-Dashboard#kolony-statistics https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/wiki/Functions-(Logistics)#orbital-logistics-within-a-sphere-of-influence
  2. I've enjoyed watching Roverdude's Twitch feeds on the new science parts. Anyone know if he's planning on including them in MKS, or will they be a separate package such as Sounding Rockets or Malemute Rover? I want be be sure to follow the discussion thread if there's a separate one. I haven't watched all of the Twitch feeds, so sorry if I missed the answer in there.
  3. In the spirit of teaching to fish rather than giving a fish, there really are a lot of answers in the Wiki, for example "Changing Converters" in the FAQ. O, the poly count! Can't wait to try it. Will this be similar to the GC shipyards where bundles are shipped and attached then built out, or will the ship be designed in the VAB and then launched from here?
  4. Great resource, @Kielm, It's now on the wiki's Tutorial page.
  5. Atlas part descriptions have been added to the Wiki. @RoverDude I'm curious on how you get kerbals in and out of the Atlas domes in your game play. Using something like the Tundra multi-hub and mini-airlock just don't look right, and given your penchant for clean design, I know I must be missing something.
  6. The biggest need for pipes in my case is for building large bases using GC. I tend to ship a small general purpose workshop, say on a Duna base. Later, when a new base component is required, I launch a GC DIY kit along with containers of MaterialKits and SpecializedParts This only works if I can connect the containers to the workshop. GC requires the full resource amount before construction. I guess the alternative will be to use a WOLF hopper to retrieve the MaterialKits and SpecializedParts, but it will still need to be attached to the workshop in some manner.
  7. WOLF is a new resource transfer mechanism (and much more) that is bundled with MKS. Se the draft walk through on the Wiki, plus the past few pages. RoverDude himself provided two links: the WOLF Intro and the WOLF Transport - Credits and Routes.
  8. @RoverDude, cradle for the Atlas domes appears to be missing. from both the MKS and Constellation packages.
  9. Is it a bug that the WOLF MHU-100 Bulk Harvester (Harvester_175) does not require power while the WOLF MHU-500 Bulk Harvester (Harvester_375) requires 5 power? Or is there a design reason I'm missing? Screenshot
  10. Thanks, @RoverDude for the new drop. Do you see a new Constellation release coming anytime soon, or are individual downloads the best way to go?
  11. @SkiRich, start with the USI-LS Wiki. Once you get the basics, look into the MKS parts (also by Roverdude) and the Wiki that goes with it.
  12. I think the only exception to these rules is Uranium and DepletedUranium. You'll need to use the appropriate storage vessels and an Engineer to transfer these, if I recall correctly. The thought process is you don't want just anyone scavaging these things. Unless that's changed; it's been a while since I tried.
  13. @Kerbas_ad_astra, fyi, the link for ToolbarController under Dependencies at the top goes to Click Through Blocker.
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