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  1. I think the original wiki values came from a combination of looking at the configs and looking at the in game descriptions. The game some times shows per sec, per minute, or other, so something could have been lost in translation. Thanks for updating the wiki. I hope those tables are still of value to people.
  2. Not in the sense that fuel tanks automatically pull fuel. But the Local Logistics menu in the Kolonization Dashboard allows you to move fuel from one vehicle to another if they're within range
  3. Its part of the mod now, there's no way to disable it.
  4. Use the local logistics interface to move resources manually. It looks like a globe with a flag. You specify the from vehicle and to vehicles, then click the arrows to move resources between them. No pipes required.
  5. So offline follow up with RD confirms that there is no master list of parts. I had assumed that cfgs we're generated by some developer resource. Learn something everyday. I guess I'll get back to updating my local spreadsheet.
  6. Two considerations, @Alshain. First, MKS Logistics allow you to share resources between modules without them being physically connected. No more Kerbitrail mazes inviting the kraken to visit. Second, Ground Construction DIY kits (now bundled with MKS) can really help setup a base. Build a full base on Kerbin, box it in a DIY kit, send it up with some material kits (or make them in situ), and the whole thing is built right where you want it.
  7. @RoverDude, do you have a master source for all the MKS parts that is used to create the cfg files, or are the cfgs the definitive source? The Wiki parts section has become stale and is missing some parts. I try to maintain a spreadsheet with all the details of the cfg files so the Wiki tables can be "automatically" created, but it's becoming a bit unwieldy. I've seen your Balance Guidelines spreadsheet, so I'm thinking there must be somewhere that you've captured the calculations for all the parts you've already created. If that's in the individual cfgs, then I guess I'll need to brush off my programming skills and look at creating a parsable DOM to populate the Wiki.
  8. @Alshain, this. If you're going to build anything besides a exploration base, plan on finding your resources planet wide, placing automated drillers where the resources are. Then your main refinery and living areas can be somewhere flat with room to grow. Using this approach, you can have all your resources stored up before a Kerbal ever sets foot on a planet (or moon). I like to think that's how we'll do Mars. Quick manned exploration, followed by intensive automated mining and stockpiling and automated manufacturing, then lots of people.
  9. The Wiki Resource's page can help see which resources are required for other resources, but your question seems to be more about strategy. The base strategy section in the Wiki may be helpful. Personally, I focus on Life support first, either going agroponics if the area is Gypsum or Water scarce, or Cultivation if these two resources are abundant. Roverdude provided a good synopsis and some pointers of his game play in the other thread that we managed to save on the Wiki.
  10. @jd284, what a beautiful beast.
  11. Slightly off-topic for MKS (but not really given the past two pages) any pointers to threads on best practices for version control of the installed game, not the source? I'm thinking of some sort of Git for the save games and Gamesdata folders.
  12. Doh!, Thanks @cakepie, in my mad scramble to update, I thought I picked up a new version. Oh well, thanks again for the mod.
  13. @TriggerAu thanks first for the mod, and second for the quick 1.3 turn around. Is anyone else experiencing log spam? [EXC 08:50:51.287] MissingFieldException: Field '.KeyBinding.primary' not found. KerbalAlarmClock.KerbalAlarmClock.Update () Log file
  14. Is there an updated 1.3 Constellation bundle on the way?
  15. I get a 404 when trying to reach the USI main page ( Has it changed?