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  1. haha thanks... im not THAT bad... i hope
  2. that... sounds like something i would understand and possibly learn from... if it weren't 4 am...
  3. well... @bootsam im no pro but i tend to timwarp until the side of the mun you are on is pointing at kerbin and i would burn vertical (up) for a few seconds, burn at a 75-85 degree angle then burn retrograde relative to kerbin until im into low orbit... if my explination is to confusing (im not great with words...) then i will boot up ksp as i have been meaning to play it for a while now anyway...
  4. or "you are not an administrator on this computer"... there is only one account on it... the schools I.T wont let me have access to it even though its MY computer (i bought it from the school)
  5. all good man i seem to have that problem with 90% of the stuff i say...
  6. ahh... yes that would make it simpler than doing it through discord and such...
  7. @IncongruousGoat it was the last thing i expected to hear after surviving a xenomorph nest and some idiots with Flamethrowers who who ran in spraying fire everywhere in a room that had been filled with flammable gas... they all died and i somehow survived (Game was space station 13)
  8. I assumed that one player would be in the map making maneuver nodes and guiding the other player sorry
  9. that sounds like a very good idea but i dont know how one player being in a vr headset and one not being in one will go so i wish you luck and hope you you share the results with us
  10. "I run faster naked" -guy whom chased home invader with a didgeridoo (almost) naked at 2-3 am in 4 degrees (Celsius)
  11. Banned for assuming i eat bananas
  12. so... the admins in a game i frequently play, play this song after every round... aaaand its stuck
  13. its been over 12 hours and its still unlocked