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  1. im pretty sure a lot of trees down here dont need that much fire to set alight due to the, highly flammable eucalyptus oil in eucalyptus trees on the plus side the leafs off of a eucalyptus tree is excellent (camp)fire starting material, dry and (i think) fresh off the tree!
  2. I... dont usually post stuff like this, but since, i want to help but dont have any money to donate, i thought i would spread this video as much as i could this youtuber has set up three go fund me's for the: NSW rural fire service https://www.gofundme.com/f/australian-bushfire-fundraiser-nsw-fire-service Australian Red Cross Society https://www.gofundme.com/f/7hkvh-australian-bushfires-emergency-fundraiser and the world wildlife fund https://www.gofundme.com/f/australian-bushfire-fundraiser-animal-wellfare im sorry if giving out links like this is against forum rules but, at the moment i have bigger things to worry about than a warning from a forum if you can donate, please dontate if you cant, please spread this video around if you can. thank you, and i wish the best of luck to any fellow aussies who have been affected by these fires and all the firefighters (MOST OF WHO ARE VOLUNTEERS) who are sacrificing much to fight the fires im gonna go cry now... bye
  3. the song thats stuck in my head right now? every song that i hate, on repeat never ending
  4. *sigh* ruining it with facts... (but still interesting, i didn't know that it was floating point numbers that did all that)
  5. HOW PLEASE TELL ME HOW! steam wont let me disable auto updates and its broken my mod list yet again just as i got it working again
  6. omg now ALL of the followed thread notifications are working... i need to unfollow a ton of stuff now also 2 (-)
  7. i was going to say "the Kraken takes a physical form here" but i feel like @Vanamonde just ruined it with facts ksp's "Kraken" is just like space engineers "lord clang" any bugs or unintended shenanigans are blamed on these "godlike creatures"
  8. i mean since you've already bought it.... there are some "cough" certain ways.... you could get an old version of ksp...
  9. ayyyyy the thread notifications are working! "click"
  10. i have a wonderful image of an interplanetary spacecraft in front of jool so unless its been targeted for a weyland yutani style experiment... i think i should be far away from any trouble
  11. @jimmymcgoochie here is an example of the "kraken" and another one EDIT: damn now im re watching dannys vids heres another one
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