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  1. Can anyone tell me why the dumpling tank is heavier than the baguette even though it holds less than half the fuel and is smaller? Must be a bug. * Round radial fuel tank (R-11 'Baguette' External Tank) 0,3xxx tons * Cylindrical radial fuel tank (R-4 'Dumpling' External Tank) 0,44tons or something
  2. Hi, always wanted to do an Eve SSTO, but you have to accept that it is not possible with stock parts. So i just built a cargo SSTO that carries a disposable lander to Eve. Hope you like it.
  3. Raycrate

    Eve project

    just did a surface return mission to eve yesterday with the new science container. no mining, no orbiter. could be possible with some small changes to return a kerbal with this rocket i think. KSP 1.2 - returning a probe from Eve's surface - 2,4k science - no mods - no mining - no orbiter