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  1. Yup. Gas dynamic laser with some amount of single-use overheated gas generating cartridges - a good solution for high-power laser with no need for huge batteries or God 4give me nuclear reactors on orbit (we tried it before and figured that not everyone abroad were happy). A storage for cartridges, feeding and initiation systems are the middle of the Polyus craft.
  2. О_О Kinda surprised to read this. Being a russian, I'd say it's a very overrated movie - too much of an exaggerated drama, histerical fools and bearded cliches per square meter. Smoking in the space. Vodka in the space. Cockroach in the space. Watching this Salyut - Mir - Apollo 13 - Gravity - Red Alert compilation in the cinema I've kept asking myself the famous John Malkovich's question. Everything but hardvare and space shots is a fail. It can't be called a decent movie about a soviet space program, cuz it's scenatio is written by people far from space or USSR.
  3. Now there`s one more happy Chelomei in the world! 07
  4. Soyuz-VI ("vee-ai", voyenniy issledovatel - military researcher) - a Soyuz-based project of a small manned military recon station.
  5. Nope. It's an outdated part, you need to reinstall Tantares via deleting the existing folder in /Gamedata to fix this.
  6. Ahem, well, God's a witness I've tried to maintain silence, but since it has actually started already... Foton-M and Bion-M Two extra ways for using this funny Voskhod capsule I dream of
  7. IИ S0VIET ЯUSSIA ШE MAKE S0LAЯ BЯICKS И0T PAИELS Also, it's kinda funny that making them panels requre so much of a real engineering skill of finding ways for fitting the unfittable. Beale should probably work for NASA afrer this one
  8. All these panels are unfolded via dozens of joints and springs, thus it's the rippled variant I`d prefer, too. But yet, it's gonna be another gigaton of your fine work, @Beale, so no pressure
  9. Great news, Beale, but I`m a little confused - first iteration of these were resembling the IRL panels closely, and compared to them the released ones look like... a little bit boring, maybe.
  10. Awww yesss! Adapters at last! Time to get creative
  11. The best of the USSR militarised selfie-sticks incoming