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  1. If I remember my satellite control class correctly from a long time ago it's gyroscopes. Reaction wheels are basically gyroscopes.
  2. Heat shields. Oh, and maybe radiators?
  3. To me the new one looks like the old style metal garbage can. It was cut up and modified with doors. Very Kerbal IMO. I like it! But yes,. I hope whatever Kerbal cut it up also fixed the drag.
  4. Just read through this again. It should almost be a tutorial. However, I couldn't help but notice the drum sets don't dock. Just like my craft. I think it still comes down to practice and patience on my part, though. Which leads me to a question. Is there a way to calculate (or guesstimate) how long I have to dock once I get a close rendezvous before the craft start to head in different orbital directions?
  5. Well, Funds is the official KSP term. I graph how much Funds, Science, and Rep I have at the beginning of each day (in game) but have really never thought about the naming. I usually think in terms of money. How much money do I have? How much money does this cost? I've only done career but it seems in sandbox or science mode it doesn't come into play.
  6. @Snark From someone on the East Coast thanks for getting there and putting out this Q&A information so fast. Must have been slightly nerve wracking but good job!
  7. I don't think this was mentioned about right clicking on the Kerbal for the interaction.
  8. @RocketSquid This is the last I've seen about it here and it's listed in the Supported Mods section. @garwel also has it listed as an 'issue' on the GitHub page for better integration.
  9. @JWS I took a quick look at the GitHub page and see that line you quoted. Unfortunately, I'm not well versed in code to decipher much from that alone but it leads me to ask.... When you are entering the vessel after EVA are you entering into a command pod or what part exactly? Is it a stock part? Just asking because KH seems to be looking for a vessel part and then applying that information to the Kerbal upon re-entry from EVA. It sounds like everything is fine before EVA so I'm not sure this is even the right direction to troubleshoot this issue. But it looks like you sorted out the issue w
  10. What are autostruts set to? A common problem seems to be setting them to Heaviest but as weight changes the autostruts try to adapt to the new Heaviest...and Kraken can happen.
  11. Can't one simply deselect the Failure Generates Science button on the option screen to disable science rewards?
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