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  1. - Landed "sucessfully" my first SSTO somewhere in a isolated island and got these thrust effects : )
  2. I paid around €24 during a sale, after playing the demo, more than 2 years ago. Have >1K hours. Still playing often. And for sure will get the coming expansion as well. This game is quite unique, creative, broad, enjoyable, chanllenging. And still didn't went to Jool and Dres and ike, not to mention the opm .
  3. Hi I noticed that these US parts seems heavier than reported i have a simple linear craft with US-science-parts in a quad-core on a single thumper rocket. All 5 parts with 0.25t in total. I can get ~600m/s from launch In other similar craft I switched the US with 4 stock science jr parts in a total of 0.8t. With this configuration I get ~1200m/s. It's more ~0.55t lighter with US parts according to engineer report in vab. Why this difference? Great mod : )
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