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  1. I had an error in the install. Norton removed a file. Works fine now. Good stuff:)
  2. Great mod. Just one problem I have found. The legs for the lander are not in my tech Tree which I have everything unlocked. Using community tech tree. If I load your provided craft and try to launch I get the part is not researched yet message.
  3. So what I do with this is at the set time in the orbit I release the sat, switch to it and do a circularize burn?
  4. I installed a texture replacer skybox and it doesn't seem to want to work. Any help?
  5. What mod uses the airbags in the craft file? Saw the links on the front page but they are dead. Made my own craft file and its working well in JNSQ. Good work!
  6. does this not work with 1.7.2? Fresh install with just kopernicus and nothing changed
  7. I can't load several crafts files. Says missy REX.MONOP. Reinstalled several times. Same error.
  8. Spacedock wont load for me right now. Do you have a github link to download?
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