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  1. Think your mod broke spacedock
  2. NapalmPK

    [1.4.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v3.4.0

    Spacedock wont load for me right now. Do you have a github link to download?
  3. NapalmPK

    [1.3.X] ULA Vulcan rocket parts pack

    So this is weird. The engine shows up in a sandbox game, but not in my career game where I have all tech unlocked
  4. NapalmPK

    [1.3.X] ULA Vulcan rocket parts pack

    The RL-10 engines are not showing up in my parts list but it's in my files.
  5. Reminds me of what Al Worden said about the view on the dark side of the moon. "The sky is just awash with stars when you're on the far side of the Moon, and you don't have any sunlight to cut down on the lower intensity, dimmer stars. You see them all, and it's all just a sheet of white." - Al Worden Apollo 15
  6. If you read back 2 pages you would find your answer
  7. Just started playing again after a year long break. This mod working on 1.3?
  8. The APAS docking ports are not working for me. Tried manual and MJ docking and I cant get them to dock and its perfectly lined up.
  9. NapalmPK


    Been watching the forums for a very long time, Thought I should finally make an account here and say hello. Been Playing For along time.
  10. NapalmPK

    [1.4.3] Space Launch System Basic Version

    This works in 1.2? Edit: downloaded and is working alright. Nice Models!