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  1. This vehicle was built using tweakscale, problem is when you set wheels size to maximum it turns into giant grasshoper. Just think what will happen if it'll be made multi-stage! 0 fuel to reach orbit!
  2. I'm making large SSTO and the issue is I would like to have as large as possible landing gear. I've tried LY-99 Extra Large Landing Gear increased by 200% and 300%, now the problem is that when you retract them, it creates way too large force that just throws SSTO in the air at least 200 meters. Question is, is there a mod I'm missing, is any other way of making really large landing gears or should this be in bugs section?
  3. To fix crashes on 1.3 I suggest deleting subfolder of parts called engines. Not sure about you, but I have not ever used these engines and without them this mod works just fine for me with 1.3
  4. Hello Nertea, is TweakScale implementation planned in the future for Mark IV?
  5. Hello, I'm trying to build large SSTO, problem is the landing gears, I need them to be about 300% of normal LY-99 (Extra Large Landing Gear). So, the issue is when I'm retracting them (for loading cargo purposes) SSTO jumps up and that causes all sort of problems. That is SSTO as it is, just loaded. It is quite big, mass is 626.7 t That is about a second or half a second after I've asked it to retract gears. That is several seconds later. And that happens if I'm using 200% of LY-99, it just jumps tiny bit. I've tried experimenting with spring strength and damper strength, with lower settings of spring strength jumps are not as high, but SSTO itself becomes really unstable and starts bouncing even when it stands still. I'm using a lot of mods, but from what I've seen on Google, this issue was previously there for landing gears (not modded), then some parameters were fixed and it was resolved. Most likely same parameters are adjusted with TweakScale and that is what makes this thing jump. At least that is what I think currently. Any help, suggestions or should I upload more information?
  6. Autostruts is a feature in 1.2, read more in Basically you can configure one invisible strut per part connecting it with grandparent, heaviest or root vehicle part. And you should not be using it by default, unless you check the "advanced tweakables" option in the settings of the game. P.S. Had the same problem with hinges not working in flight, while working in editor. Dev version of KJR fixed this. Thanks V8jester
  7. Okay, something is broken, I've updated it and I cant edit tanks, button is not there either also previously edited tanks went to way they were before. I suppose I can revert to previous version of mod, but yeah, not working for me for whatever reason.