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  1. Thanks for this great mod, but I'm having problems with the latest version (Kerbalism 2.1.1 running on KSP 1.6). All the processes seem to be using the input and output at the base level set by the "process" in the profile and do not seem to be multiplied by the capacity of the part. The "configure" menu and the part menu brings up the expected figures (input/output multiplied by capacity) but the figure in the planner and when the craft is launched is the base process value and is not multiplied by the capacity. For example if I build a craft with a large fuel cell array, it shows the ElectricCharge output as 14.416 in the part menu and configure menu, but in the planner it only shows an output of 2.403 (the base level set by the process in the profile - I've left one of the batteries and the water tank half empty so it shows the amount produced correctly) and this is the amount actually produced when the craft is launched. Similarly, for the water electrolysis process both the large and small convert-o-tron produce just 0.5 Oxygen and 1.0 Hydrogen, the base level in the profile, even though the configure menu shows an output of 18 Oxygen and 36 Hydrogen for the small plant and twice this for the large plant. I've tested this on a clean install using the "default" profile and settings without any other mods (apart from Community Resources and Community Categories). I've tried using Kerbalism 2.0 on KSP 1.5.1 and everything worked fine for an identical craft, with the values in the planner matching the expected values, so I think this must be a bug which crept in either with the latest version of KSP or the latest version of Kerbalism, or perhaps an interaction between the two.