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  1. The number of mods has changed, and the game should index them again, I guess. So if I install a new mod, I delete the files "ModuleManager.ConfigCache", "ModuleManager.ConfigSHA", "ModuleManager.Physics" and "ModuleManager.TechTree" in the GameData folder. Although perhaps I am wrong, and it is not necessary to do this.
  2. Yesterday: I installed this mod via CKAN, and dependencies were installed with it. Manually set the JC. Deleted all the mod cache files from the GameData folder, started the game. Everything. After the launch, the first CTB setup. Opened the TC menu, tried to disable the CTB mod buttons. But they don't switch off in any of the scenes. When you try to transfer buttons to a folder, they are simply duplicated in the folder, but are not transferred, except for the flight scene. You can transfer them there. Today: Installed the KIS mod via CKAN. Cleared the GameData folder from the mod cache f
  3. After the restart, everything is fine. And the buttons that are disabled in the TC menu are gone from the panel! But yesterday they also did not turn off and they had to be hidden in a folder, as I wrote above, that they do not hide in the folder in the hangar, but only duplicate. It's magic. And what should I do with unnecessary buttons of other mods? Hide them in a folder? Why can't they also be hidden through the TC menu?
  4. LOG https://disk.yandex.ru/d/Nx7CkDOLg2UXJQ TC button appeared. I didn't use it. I JC just wanted to hide the mod buttons I don't need, like EVE. But now I realized that it is better not to touch anything at all.
  5. Thank you for the clarification. I don't know what's going on. In the dialog, you can hide only the buttons of this mod. I hide them, they don't hide. Changed the scene, came back - now all hidden together with a yellow wrench. Although I did not hide this button. I had to go to the flight scene, where the key was in the folder(the previous settings of the moved buttons were not saved). I take it out of the folder. I set some buttons to the status "Hidden in this scene" by pressing ALT on the button and selecting the desired item. I hid a few buttons like this and suddenly I lose both the
  6. For CTB, thank you for clarifying. And then I did not understand why he did it at all. Toolbar controller does not hide the buttons in the hangar and the space center view, and they are not moved to a folder, only copied to a new folder. And why else do you need a Zero Mini AVC? CKAN specified it in the dependencies.
  7. But before this mod worked without additional mods. I don't see any relationship between the science mod and the interface mods.
  8. The mod was once very good. But now. And you can make it so that the work of the mod does not require the installation of a bunch of other unnecessary mods? Which create a meaningless pile of absolutely unnecessary buttons on the toolbar.
  9. @linuxgurugamer Hello. I decided to use the mod again, but it doesn't work again. I downloaded the latest version, and threw the JanitorsCloset folder from the archive into the GameData folder in the game folder. But there is nothing in the game, as if the mod is not installed. I attach the logs. Help me. (With "MOAR [x] Science!" mod, the same problem) https://disk.yandex.ru/d/JEpVro09kNYGeg
  10. I decided to use the mod again. And again, the mod does not work. What should I show or upload what files to try to solve this problem? It just doesn't work, as if it's not installed.
  11. I know about him. I've been trying it for several years now. Yesterday I tried again, and again it does not work for me. Previous conversations with the author did not lead to anything. The mod just doesn't work and that's it.
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