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  1. Here's the challenge: Career, except you can't use any probe cores, and you need to have Kerbalism installed. (KIS and KAS optional) The goal is to send 12 people to Eeloo and back. Yes, this sounds easy, but i'll get rid of that idea fairly quickly: Every communications satellite you build has to have life support and crew onboard. You can't build unmanned landers and rovers, all of them have to have at least 1 crew member onboard. If you win the challenge, you get nothing but a lot of internet bragging points. Hope to see you completing this!
  2. Here's a post where you can submit models and textures so that modders can focus more on mechanics and less on graphics. The guidelines for submission are: 1: Not too resource-intensive, a model must not lag a low-end gaming computer or mid-end home computer 2: It must be licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 3: It must not have advertising for yourself or your mods, so for example, if I made a model, then it must not have "Made by Terra1" on the model or texture 4: Must not look like it was made in the early 1990s So, feel free to submit stuff! Let's hope that lots of stuff gets submitted, so modders can do what they do best and not have to worry about graphics.
  3. Today, I had a space station fail to reach Duna orbit, reenter the atmosphere, and then I somehow managed to regain control of the rocket and fly the spacecraft into a perfect orbit.
  4. It required an engine that strong to take off, it's quite heavy.
  5. Added Hullcam VDS to the mod list, as well as Take Command and Kerbal Engineer Redux
  6. Increased budget for both sides, to make designs better, and also: Sneak peak at the WK Main Base, first episode of "The Great War" coming out this week (probably later today)
  7. I can handle that many mods, also, click the link at the bottom of the post.
  8. Forgot to mention that KWS was removed due to game crashing effects
  9. Added KSPWheel and SM Armory to the mod list.
  10. The budget is for everyone, the vehicles will have one produced as a prototype, before a production run, as long as it meets the requirements, the prototype will be scrapped after one battle and will cost half what it says it will cost in the SPH/VAB
  11. So, here's the challenge There is a massive war on Kerbin, you are a citizen of either the Kingdom of East Kerbin or the Republic of West Kerbin, the war starts just as the industrialisation of Kerbal society is finished. There was a democratic incident between East and West Kerbin, resulting in a full scale war. You have been asked to work on designs, matching specifications put forth by the governments of both West and East Kerbin West Kerbin: Budget: $50000 Currently looking for: Armored Cars, Planes, Ships. Tech level: 1 Secondary Techs: None Current vehicles in production: None East Kerbin: Budget: $50000 Currently looking for: Armored Cars, Planes, Ships. Tech level: 1 Secondary Techs: None Current vehicles in production: None Rules: Use common sense, don't use extremely powerful propellers when the tech level is 1. Don't submit types of designs that are not being looked for by either East or West Kerbin Name your vehicles with either WK or EK as the first word so I can see what country the designs are for Tech levels are not exact, if you want to make a revolutionary aircraft or tank, go for it! Just make sure that it isn't utterly absurd (An aircraft with an absurdly fast propeller and reaction wheels at tech level 1) Post a video of your craft before you submit it for production Please don't submit expensive vehicles that neither faction can afford, PLEASE. Include the BDArmory AI part and a weapons manager on every plane, include the weapons manager on every tank, and ship that you submit. Also, include AirPark on everything, please. I will post videos of the battles at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCknkMHv7RecIezjM0-mk1Kg Here is the mod list: Filter Extensions AirPark AirplanePlus B9 Aerospace B9 Part Switch B9 Animation Modules BDArmory BDArmory Weapons Extension CommunityCategoryKit EasyVesselSwitch Firespitter Core Hangar Extender JSI KAS Kerbal Foundries Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Kerbal Konstructs KerbinSide Core KIS KK to SD Kopernicus KSP AVC KWS Crashes KSP, removed. KSC++ Large Boat Parts Pack (WW2) Infernal Robotics (with the legacy parts) ModularFlightIntegrator NKD PhysicsRangeExtender Sigma Dimensions SmokeScreen Tweakscale VesselMover KSPWheel SM Armory Module Manager (Of course!) Hullcam VDS Continued Take Command Continued Kerbal Engineer Redux Finally, the tech levels are displayed here: Tech levels
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