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  1. Hey, i had this issue but have fixed it. Seemed to be some kind of clash between Texture Replacer, Texture Unlimited and the introduction of the Astronomer's Visual Pack. I had to do a completely clean install and removed Texture Replacer and don't use Astronomer's pack now. Just uninstalling those mods didn't fix it. Needed a totally fresh start.
  2. Hey I did wonder if there was some other patch that may have been altered that was not actually part of TR or TU and just got left there. EIther way a clean install was the only way i was going to fix it. The downside being that any evidence was obliterated because i literally uninstalled everything, right down to deleting the Kerbal folder in Steam and emptying the recycle bin. This was necessary because a previous install where i deleted the Gamedata folder contents but then just reinstalled them from the cache had not fixed the problem. Not much help identifying this issue now (my bad on that one) but if anyone else has the problem in the future at least it may provide a starting point. Anyhow, i'm sticking with TU now as it is working for me and the mods i want to use. Thanks for making it.
  3. Hey I had an issue where all of the reflective surfaces (sunshield and hexagonal panels) were turning black. Was driving me nuts but i sorted it somehow. So just in case anyone else has a situation where they are using the optional configs that add the really shiny surface to the sun shield and hexagonal panels and they have turned black in game and in the VAB this is what i did. I had a clean install which included both Texture Replacer and Textures Unlimited ( i didn't realise there was a clash ) but everything was fine. Shiny surfaces worked. I then added Astronomer's Visual Pack, which uses Texture Replacer as a dependency, and noticed that a few things, the James Webb telescope included, had turned black. Uninstalling Astronomer's Pack and Texture Replacer didn't work. I could remove the shiny surface configs and the telescope would go back to normal textures but i really wanted the shiny surface. So, i did another clean install and everything is now working again. I have avoided Astronomer's Visual Pack and have gone with Stock Visual Enhancements instead as it only uses Kopernicus as a dependency. I'm not sure what it was with the combination of Astronomer's visual pack and Texture Replacer that caused it but whatever changed can't be undone by just unistalling them. They must change something that isn't changed back. It may just be me and no one else has had this issue but if you do, try the above. I had three fully clean installs in the last 2 boring days. and i really just want to get on with launching this telescope because the thing is gorgeous. Excellent work @bcink. Loving your mods.
  4. Hey Cheesecake Thanks for this. I couldn't actually get the cfg to download. It took me on a very strange journey with a .exe searching for a torrent. Not to worry, i am not too concerned about the reflections. I will look to remove TR/TRR and go from there. Thanks again.
  5. Hey I'm getting the all black cockpit and fuselage as well. I'm not forcing DX11 and have all the dependencies. I did a completely clean install of KSP recently and it was was fine. I then added a few new mods and think one of them may conflict in some way. Does anyone know if the shuttle uses Texture Replacer or Textures Unlimited in any way because the problem seems to occur when i installed the Astronomer's visual pack, which changed the main menu page from saying "Kerbal Space Program - Texture Replacer Replaced" to " Kerbal Space Program - Astronomers Pack" I also noticed that i have the mod by @bcink of the James Webb telescope and the textures on that have also been messed up. The shiny sun protector and hexagonal panels have also turned black, and that mod uses Textures Unlimited. Figured they must be related. However, i don't believe uninstalling Astronomer's visual pack has fixed it. I have to do a clean install to erase whatever changed. Thanks
  6. I know this was asked a while ago but i recently had the exact same issue. Mine was caused by The Janitor's Closet. If i went into the VAB the cockpit was there. However, if i open up the Mod List window of Janitor's Closet and looked only at SPACE_SHUTTLE_SYSTEM the cockpit wasn't there. If i then took of the filter of all the other mods and shut the Janitor's Closet window, the cockpit didn't come back. I had to leave the VAB and then go back in and the cockpit reappeared. So it is either The Janitor's Closet or the Filter Extension dependency it uses. I only figured this out in the last day or so and will likely uninstall Janitor's Closet as the Stock advance filter in 1.3.1 pretty much does the same thing as the Mod Filter in TJC. Hope that helps.
  7. In the last 24 hours this thread has taken an excellent turn. Looking forward to the impending design war. Having just finished an ISS replica build i am now looking to develop a fleet, potentially assembling larger ships in orbit, to strike out into the solar system. Hoping to get some inspiration from you all on heavy lifters because it is an area i struggle. Good Luck Gents!
  8. Hey Does this pack work on Kerbal 1.3? Apologies if it is already answered somewhere in this thread. It's a big thread. I do already have an ISS Community mod but am running 1.2.2 because it never liked 1.3. Thanks
  9. Hey As it is for the shuttle it doesn't matter whether the angle change is towards or away from the planet. The burn is using the OMS engines, which are mounted at a 15 degree angle so if i point directly at NP then my actual direction when i burn will be 15 degrees off. So i need to 'nose up' in relation to the NP, regardless of what that means in relation to the planet. I did try using the rotation formula but all that did was lock me to 15 degrees above the horizon. Not 15 degrees about where the NP was.
  10. Hi Steven I found that by playing with a few bits ( e.g. changing 'node:eta' to 'nextnode:eta' ) and removing the line i quoted i managed to get it working. However, i am using the script to do a maneuver with a shuttle so the line 'LOCK STEERING TO NP' does point the nose at NP, but i need it to nose up about 15 degrees. Is there something i could add to this line that would accomplish that. eg LOCK STEERING TO NP + (followed by an instruction that would make it use NP as a basis then nose up 15)? Thanks Daniel
  11. Hey I am using the example of the executable node script from the kOS guide to run my own nodes but it keeps failing and i can figure out why. The line that causes the failure is: wait until abs(NP:pitch - facing:pitch) < 0.15 and abs(NP:yaw - facing:yaw) < 0.15. The error i get is Get suffix 'PITCH' not found on object V( then gives the vectors). An attempt was made to get a suffix called 'PITCH' from an object of type 'VECTOR' when that object does not have that suffix usable in that way. I copied the script from the guide on the page 'Execute Node Script'. i have not tinkered with it so not sure what i'm doing wrong. Any ideas? Daniel
  12. Hey. Trying to get something to happen when my apoapsis reaches 300000m. All i want to do is wait for that apoapsis then set throttle to zero but whatever language i use it never shuts the throttle off. For this particular command i am using a WAIT UNTIL command. I have tried all of the below but it never does what i want when the apoapsis reaches the desired altitude. WAIT UNTIL APOAPSIS = 300000. WAIT UNTIL SHIP:APOAPSIS = 300000. WAIT UNTIL ORBIT:APOAPSIS =300000. WAIT UNTIL SHIP:ORBIT:APOAPSIS = 300000. as well as other permeatations. Is the issue the language i am using or the following line, which is LOCK THROTTLE TO 0.? This lines seems painfully straight forward so can't think it is that. Or, as i earlier locked the throttle to 1, do i need to unlock the throttle first? I figured a new lock throttle command would just override the previous one.
  13. hey, Maybe i'm being dim but i am not sure what you mean in your instructions by defining vehicle and mission and sequence so i just get the immediate crash and the "No boot file loaded. Crashing..." message. What am i doing wrong?
  14. Okay, i may have been wrong, i do need someone to write the script because this nearly burned my brain out. I sort of get the premise but think i'm in too deep. with no background in developing i think a shuttle launch may be too ambitious but is also all i need kOS for because i'm well into an ISS build that i want to complete. I hate to ask but would a framework of the script be possible to get that i can then play around with numbers in? Or would that require seeing all of the script so far and the craft file of the shuttle i'm using?
  15. Hi Just looking for a little help with a script. Probably bitten off more than i can chew. I'm a scripting beginner and am trying to write a script for a shuttle launch in RO/RSS. So far i get everything going okay and am getting to about 150000m but now want to switch the type of command i'm giving. Up to this point it is fairly simple to just give commands based on waiting for set speeds or altitudes to make pitch adjustments. (it may not be elegant but i'm just learning). But what i want now is instead of it actioning my exact pitch change, i want it to react to external factors, in this case, maintaining prograde at about 2 degrees above the horizon while the velocity is increased to close to orbital speeds. The issue i have is that if i set a pitch angle of, for example, 15 degrees, the prograde may be X degrees above the horizon but slowly dips until i'm losing altitude. I need to know how to instruct kOS to recognise and make changes without me giving specific pitch corrections. It would be almost impossible for me to script exact pitch angles that would guarantee a successful launch based on varying payloads so need kOS to make adjustments on the fly. I'm not looking for someone to write the code for me, just some help in which kerboscript commands i should be using. Any help really appreciated. Daniel