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  1. Thank you. I currently have BDA, NavHud, Physics Range Extender, Tweak_Scale, VesselMover, ClickThroughBlocker and ToolbarControl installed. It's not a lot and, as far as I know, they don't have a history of interfering with other mods. (all of this is being used in 1.7.3) I'll test it out without any other mods installed though, just to make sure im being competent. I can post the craft file too if for some reason that'd be helpfull (I doubt it would help given that you have much more knowledge in absolutely everything about this mod and a simple craft wouldnt give you any more insight) However, out of all the other mods, Infernal Robotics is the one I have least experience on (I am trying to get into it after years not properly trying it out), so I could be a complete dumbass and be doing something wrong.
  2. Named PF-2, it is mostly a mix between american and russian designs. First plane i've made in a good looong break from KSP, so it could be better. it's also 100% stock except for the BDA stuff The aircraft project is mostly a test of the practicality of Infernal Robotics in my style of building, and a test of different aerodynamic concepts. It's got a (kinda) hidden missile bay. It can fit two AIM120s or two AIM9s.
  3. I'm having an issue where the Force setting on the robotic parts decrease everytime I load the machine onto the world, to the point where it reaches the minimum in about 3 launches and I have to set it up again. Oh and I managed to solve the issue that caused the question (dumb installation mistake, it was stupid) so ignore that
  4. Is this supposed to mean it works with KSP version 1.7.2< or 1.7.2> (1.7.2 and above, or 1.7.2 and below)?
  5. Made an F-1 The concept is cool but i think i could have done it much better. It looks kinda ugly right now and the top speed is nothing special. also, it breaks apart by just bumping into a rock(i guess the real life ones would also do that but still). The only thing im proud of on this car is the steering wheel. At least i tried Also, what's with some wheels freaking out when a car lands after a jump?, Its always only one wheel and some types dont do that. The wheel stops responding to commands and starts going backwards, and the only way to put it back to normal is by completely stopping the car. Not a big issue really, since the Off Roader, wich i specifically designed to do sick jumps uses a type of wheel that usually doesnt freak out when i land. But i still would like to know if there is another solution. Other than that, the Mod Works perfectly 99% of the time.
  6. I made another car, this time a desert Off roader. it's by far the most resistant vehicle i've made yet I legit hit a wall at 30m/s and only the front headlights broke off, the car was working just fine. it's pretty cool.
  7. So i really liked the mod and brought myself to make an actual car. It's some random 60s-80s american sports car, "kinda" inspired by a mustang. it has about the same part count as the simplest version of the M1 Abrams i made. It Works pretty well and is pretty reliable(thanks to this mod). Max speed is around 117 meters per second. It also becomes a drift machine once you enable four wheel steering
  8. Really cool concept, reminded me of ACF for Gmod, also really fun to mess around with. The mod is intended to be used to make cars, what's the first thing i do? Build a tank. With wheels. I also made a more detailed version with reactive armor Btw: the tank is the M1 Abrams MBT