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  1. How do I make one myself? I just wanted a way to resize some of the engine mounts intakes. Ive made some pretty sick looking planes doing that with OPT and wanted to try it out with near future.
  2. Hello everyone, I downloaded airplane plus and they have little multi-function displays in the IVA's. They do not work with RPM. I want to replace them with the RPM ones. How would I even begin to do that. I know very little about modding.
  3. Cool, very helpful! Didn't know that was simulated. Just thought generation one meant a early tech part. The 1m/s thing is interesting. I guess that means you cant build a test frame and launch all engines on the pad.
  4. Not sure what you mean testing parts. Am I able to improve the reliability of the early parts? I have been building a plane and expecting it to work since its the first time the parts were used. Not sure what you mean testing parts. I'm using 1.4.5. I thought parts all start out max reliability and degrade over uses no?
  5. Not sure how to share private videos on youtube. The black circle is gone without scatterer. I am not seeing the flickering anymore with updated scatterer Dx9. For me looks like I will keep it on Dx9 as I am not seeing any issues. Good thing I have 32gb of ram Dx9 is a thirsty api!
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsEVCvPimck&feature=youtu.be Only happens in the map view. Doesn't happen when flying a craft and look at the son. Doesn't seem to be present on Dx9.
  7. So Dx11 is the issue? I fixed the icon thing with based on a previous post. IIRC I had that flickering with dx9 in 0.0336 as well. It is strange because it wasn't doing that ring a couple of days ago. EDIT: Restarting and updating to 0.0336 didnt fix. I am still running dx11, will check with dx9. It seems to only do it in map view for what every reason. When looking at the sun when flying a craft there is no issue.
  8. No changes to my game just started getting this weird black circle? Anyone know how to get rid of it? https://imgur.com/a/sbDBMxv Previous post
  9. Hey all, how do I get near future aeronautics to work with tweakscale?
  10. Im getting alot of null reference exception with IR sequencer on 1.4.5 anyone else have this? Mod seems to work just throws up notifications.
  11. Getting a bunch of null reference exception? I'm using 1.4.5, anyone else having this?
  12. Hey all, RPM compatibility is crossed off on the front page. I like the idea of more cockpits and plane parts, but I'm trying to keep cockpits on most my crafts. Whats the deal with the RPM thing does anyone have it working. Sorry if repost.
  13. Hello, what do I have to change if I want to download Vens parts. It looks like several parts are retextured with this mod?
  14. Hey all, just learned about this mod. How does this compare to kerbal launch failure, KCT, scrapyard and Ohscrap? just curious how it’s different, reading through it, it seems similar except a additional part testing.
  15. My only worry is I have G effects turned on in the settings. I don't like noodle rockets but don't want my wings to not fly off if Im pulling 50g's
  16. I mean will my rockets still rip apart if they are over G'd
  17. Will it make the game to easy though if every thing is stronger?
  18. Does this mod prevent stuff form exploding when going back and forth to vehichles?
  19. Thanks, turns out I can’t use the mod anyway. I get a graphic glitch on scatterer and am forced to use dx11
  20. How do I edit this so it doesn't look like I am looking through a dirty camera?
  21. Hey all, I want to update my clouds to 43k. I downloaded the link. When I look in the folder alot of the files have the same name as the ones already in there, what to I do just replace the ones with the ones with the same name with the ones from the 43k download?
  22. That mod, (KSP 1.4 Fixes), solved the problem. Now I have my textures back in the VAB and SPH. Really weird why that happened on there with Dx9. It didn't do that with SVE, just with AVP and its mods. I switched to AVP from SVE because I wasn't getting clouds on duna for what ever reason. Happy that every thing is workign well with AVP.
  23. Help me please, I can't get scatterer to work without having graphic errors. With Dx9 game flickers like crazy when near ground (https://imgur.com/a/iLfuHcb). Dx11 forced I am able to fly planes and rockets without any flickering although this happens in the VAP and SPH (https://imgur.com/a/JAmc5AU). KSP 1.4.5 Mod List: https://imgur.com/a/IJr7Em7 Output log Dx11: https://ufile.io/8rc9f Output Log Dx9: https://ufile.io/pdsbn
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