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  1. After few tests, it appears that persistent rotation does not really calculate rotation while unloaded (it calculate it only when needed, it seems, for performance reasons i suppose). So when unloaded if you want to take care of persistent rotation for other mods (for example the great background processing or TLS that calculate illumination and EC running/charging while unloaded) you currently can't really. (these type of mods use standard rotation for unloaded calculation as persistent rotation don't manage the unloaded rotation) I have search for a workaround, but no luck. I think that as principia is dedicated to real physics and made external calculation continuously, it should be a good idea to implement it directly in this mods ... Future release idea may be ?
  2. Hi, just a small question for the creator of the mod : in your intro your write that the mod doesn't do he rotation calculation continuously for unloaded vessel. But what does it mean, that it do it sometimes ? At which rate ? Or that it does no calculation at all on unloaded vessel and restore a simulated state when loading ? I ask that because a lot of other mods (life support, background processing etc...) use background calculation, but they use the static default rotation and very few mod make clean calculation about the rotation when unloaded. Persistent rotation seems to have the same problem and does not fit well with theses mods ... To conclude : if it's actually not calcultated at all, is it possible to include an option to make this calculated while unloaded despite the performance hit ?
  3. Hi ! I have a small question for the creator of the mod : On unloaded vessel, does your mod modify the ship orientation ? If yes, does it do it by modifying a "ship orientation parameter" of the game or by simulating its own ship orientation internaly ? If it's the second solution : how your mod work with other mod that use ship orientation ? Have you to make compatibility patch for each or are the other creator to make it ? I ask for this because i have strange thing that happened with mod that manage unloaded vessel ressources (like background processing or tac life support etc...), they seems to make their calculation while unloaded without taking care of the fact that the momentum is taken into account by your mod ...
  4. Thanks for answering. Other question : how goes principia with momentum conservation ? Does it take care of this or could it work fine with an other mod like persistentrotation ?
  5. Hi, and thanks for your incredible support. Just one sugestion/question about EC consumbtion. By reading last pages i had understood that your mod take care of the EC consumption (with some bug) of vessel and make BackgroundProcessing mod not usefull. But after trying some unmanned mission i figured out that there is a huge difference between the two, as your mod seems to take care only of the crewed part ... as background processing take care of the two. Is it an intended behaviour ? or is it a bug ? If this is intended, is there a way to activate your mod for even non crewed part ?
  6. Hi everyone, just a small question, i understant that principia need more work of stabilisation and search of equilibrium in forces etc... when you conceive new planets through Kopernicus. But what are the mods that have done this job or now ? I imagine that RSS is ok about that, but what about Outer planet mod, for example ? Have you tried the latest release with principia recently ?
  7. Hi everyone, small question : is the planet system of KSP with the add of the outer planet mod stable in N-body physicis (Principia mod) or did they fall in sun ?
  8. Hi, i have run into a particulary strange problem with your mod recently. I am on a modded config on 1.3.1, and everything is OK (no particular warning neither in KSP log or in debug menu) but strange things happened only with your parts ... When i search your part in my tech tree, all is fine (in career so i need to buy them), but as soon as i am in the hangar -> Pof, your part (and only yours) are noted as un-payed. (grey) . Of course i can pay for it in the hangar, but if i do that the bug is symetrical, as soon as i re-go in search screen or in KSC screen, the part disapear. I suspect it occurs during the scene change, but why only with your parts ??? And i have see nothing in the logs ... Strange thing too : I think the buggy operation auto-refund the part too ... Well, if you have the begenning of an idea I take it ^^
  9. Hey, hello everyone, no update to 1.3 planed for this superb mod ?
  10. Hi, have you some plans to migrate to 1.3 (does it workds ?), lot of my mods have done the trip and i really can't live without kethane
  11. Since Blizzy have not been here since 2016, no one wants to take the devs of his mod ?
  12. Hum, according to my own list that include most of the main common mods, there is currently more than half of commons mods that have moved to 1.3. It seems that migration in this case just took recompilation and checking in most case. Maybe it could take very little time to your team ^^ . It remain to be seen though... edit : beside : RSS works with KSP 1.3 now :
  13. CKAN return a fail to download to the update of your mod. I think it's due to the versionning. You indicate 6.6.0 on spacedock and here, but 6.6.1 on CKAN.
  14. Ouch, 2500 words it's big XD . I will take my time for this project ^^. I have forked the file to work little by little on github. I share it to you when it's done (it could be long ^^)
  15. Thank you for you great job ! waiting for your 1.3 release impatiently^^
  16. Have you a lot of text in your mod ? I have seen that you are proposing translaters to help you ? I could translate in french if you give me the text and if there are not a lot ^^
  17. Yeah i know, but i prefer waiting rather melting down my CKAN install. With a lot of mod installing and keeping tings clear manually are just awfull. Beside, i have to keep manually installed some experimental mods in beta like planetshine, EVE, Scatterer. Really don't want to expand the list I think it is going to be fixed in the week ^^. During this time i just report the bugs ^^ Beside, may be it's a bug on your side, because it don't happen with a lot of mods (only three reported from now) . Maybe an error in a name somewhere, or in the upgrading of netkan infos.
  18. Seems to be related to others mods instalation problem and depencies gestion. Reported here with USI on CKAN :
  19. Reported same bug on the USI pages : I didn't know other mods have the same problem.
  20. I have tried to debug it by checking netkan etc... didn't see where is the error... the name appear to be OK. Just wait and see ^^.
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