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  1. Pure stock Homeworld replica progress continues in the Great Nebula, where the Kadeshi fleet is coming right along. Multi-beam frigate (pictured above, left): Built up from nearly nothing, now nearly complete. Probably won't bother making an RCS system for this one. Had a lot of fun trouble getting the turrets to look right, but I'm calling them close enough. Oblong hexagonal domes (for the ion beam turrets) are really hard to replicate on a small scale in KSP, and I refuse to use TweakScale. Pure stock all the way! If anyone has bright ideas for making those turrets (shielded docking ports on RoveMates) look more accurate, I'm all ears. Better turret reference screenshot here. Mothership (pictured above, center): Nearly complete! Added a bunch of detailing. Still trying to decide what to put in the big dome. Does anyone do anything with replica crafts other than fly them around for a few minutes? Is it worth adding a fully functional science/data collection suite just for funsies, or should I focus on keeping the part count to a socially acceptable minimum? Swarmer (pictured above, right): Nearly complete! No new edits to report. Fuel pod (pictured below): Coming along, still experimenting with a lot of things, and trying hard to get the shapes right. Advanced Swarmer: Still haven't even started, but it's largely based around the Swarmer chassis, so the build should go pretty quickly. The hardest part? Finding good reference photos of multiple angles of some of these ships. I would love to fight my way through the first 9 missions of the Homeworld campaign again just to take reference screenshots of my own... but that's a wormhole of space & time that I just don't dare to jump into right now. -SkunkTwerks
  2. Deep within the Great Nebula, the protectors of the Gardens of Kadesh are stirring... Those who have played the original Homeworld game might remember these ships well. Here's the cutscene (spoiler alert for those who haven't played the game): And here's the Twerkshop version so far: I'm on a pure stock replica roll again, and progress on the Kadeshi fleet is underway. The Kadeshi ships all have a very cool rounded aesthetic, which has been somewhat of a challenge to imitate in KSP. I've given up on making the ships to scale in comparison with one another, but I'm optimistic that all of them can be built to a reasonably high degree of visual and physical accuracy without mods. Swarmer (pictured): Nearly complete! Final polishing stage. Fully equipped with docking port, balanced RCS, and reserve ion drive. Mothership (pictured): Fully functional, but in need of detailing. Trying to decide whether I like the HW1 or HW:Remastered version better. Fuel pod: Taking shape. Multi-beam frigate: Very early concept phase. Advanced Swarmer: Haven't even started!
  3. As promised, here's a little treat for @KerikBalm: the SkunkTwerks SkunkTwerks Kushan Multi-Gun Corvette (Homeworld). Based on this concept art and screenshots from Homeworld: Remastered Collection gameplay. First developed in the Gardens of Kadesh for use against clouds of Kadeshi Swarmers, the Multi-Gun Corvette trades some of the Heavy Corvette’s armor for four extra medium projectile cannons. (Dorsal view) Like all Homeworld strikecraft, the Multi-Gun Corvette is capable of slow flight long after its liquid fuel runs out, but the Garden of Kadesh is no place to stop to smell the roses. Fleet Command recommeds building these crafts directly from your Mothership or Carrier, as they are not equipped for sub-orbital flight. Hotkeys: 1) Toggle fuel cells (to power DAWNs) 2) Toggle ion engines 3) Toggle atomic engine Special thanks to @KerikBalm for the build suggestion! -SkunkTwerks Edit: I suppose it's also worth mentioning that this craft sports a well-balanced RCS system, a docking port, and over 8,700 dV.
  4. (Original soundtrack strongly recommended for reading this post) After watching Galaxy Quest again for the umpteenth time, I couldn't resist taking inspiration from Mathezar and his fellow Thermians. I knew what had to be done! SkunkTwerks proudly presents the NSEA Protector. Painstakingly replicated from the "historical documents," (plus this ortho) this ship and its crew may be your people's only hope for survival. So whether your one lousy job on this ship is repeating the computer, flying it out of orbital dock without scuffing the paint, or giving Sarris both barrels from the red & blue particle cannons, by Grabthar's hammer you'd better quit acting and start doing it for real. Spoiler alert: to activate the Omega 13, just press F5 right before doing something you'll probably regret, then press and hold F9 about 13 seconds. Director's Cut: Sorry folks, this movie prop needs a little imagination (read: hyperedit) to get into space, but once it's there it's fully equipped with scientific instruments for all your galactic quests. Hidden docking ports allow for deep-space refueling, at least until we figure out how to install a Berillium sphere. Never give up, never surrender! -SkunkTwerks
  5. It took me a long time to appreciate the Taiidan aesthetic, but I loved the Taiidan Destroyer right from the start. I'm looking at some screenshots and models to assess Kerbalization feasibility, but a ship of that size and complexity will be a long & serious undertaking. But I do thoroughly enjoy the suggestions @KerikBalm... I'll build you a Multigun Corvette as soon as my Research Ships finish working out the technology. For now though, I hope you'll get a kick out of the hardworking stalwart of the Kushan strikecraft lineup, the Hammer-class SkunkTwerks Kushan Heavy Corvette. Based on this beautiful .gif model by Jkberna at The Kerbalized SkunkTwerks version: The Heavy Corvette is neither the fastest corvette in the fleet, nor the best-armed. But its heavy armor makes it tough as nails, and the Hammer’s burst fire abilities grant it incredible punch for its size. Heavy Corvette walls (supported by a couple Repair Corvettes or Support Frigates) are infamous for shredding clouds of strike craft, as well as being a serious threat to wayward frigates and lone capital ships. This was my absolute favorite unit in the original Homeworld. At least for the first year or two after the game's release, they were fairly overpowered. They got nerfed later on (which was fair), but for a glorious time Heavy Corvette walls were the midgame strategy of choice for many, many players. Like all Homeworld strikecraft, the Heavy Corvette is capable of slow flight long after its liquid fuel runs out, but its pilots do not advise leaving them stranded like this. Hotkeys: 1) Toggle atomic engine 2) Toggle ion engines 3) Toggle fuel cells (to power DAWNs) Fleet Command recommeds building these crafts directly from your Mothership or Carrier, as they are not equipped for sub-orbital flight. As I feared (and expected) this build isn't quite to scale with the Support Frigate. Either this one's a little too big, or the support frigate's a little too small. But I guess that's just the price of aesthetics in pure-stock construction. Happy corv-walling regardless! -SkunkTwerks P.s. Thanks for the backstory lesson @KerikBalm, I'd always wondered why some things didn't seem very consistent plot-wise as the games progressed.
  6. It sure is! Two drill bits, actually, one big and one small. I've used the small drills for all kinds of things in my replicas, like guns, antennas, exhaust pipes, etc... Making pure stock craft would be an awful lot harder without them! Thank you! I'm stoked that you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed building it. -SkunkTwerks
  7. Awwww yesssss @Rocket In My Pocket, I thoroughly appreciate the suggestion! I used to build swarms of Support Frigates in HW1 because the AI chronically undervalued them as targets in the campaign and skirmishes. Few things were more satisfying than watching the AI pummel one of my heavy cruisers while half a dozen support frigates slapped all the armor back on from behind (or below). Or watching my heavy corvette walls lay waste to enemy strike craft while a couple trusty support frigates kept them fueled and fired up! But you're absolutely right, it is a little outside my usual area of interest... which is exactly what I love about this forum. Folks like you help push me to try new things! In honor of your brilliant suggestion, I humbly present the SkunkTwerks Kushan Support Frigate (Homeworld). Did the Taiidan frag your Assault Frigate? Bring the Support Frigate over and forget it ever happened! Fighter fleet running on fumes? Freak out now longer, the Support Frigate will fuel ‘em up in no time. Want to keep your fancy destroyer in the fine shape? The Support Frigate will buff those ion beam scorch marks right out. The only bad news is that the Twerkshop ran out of RUs before it could figure out how to get this thing into orbit without cheats, so you’ll either need to ramp up your own resourcing operations, or use mods like Hyperedit to get it there. Hotkey 1 toggles the fuel cells if you’re running low on juice. I really enjoyed this build! It was fun to build for zero-G for a change and ignore aerodynamics for a little while. Needless to say, I will seriously consider adding more to the original Homeworld fleet when I find the time. -SkunkTwerks
  8. Whenever that bundle goes on sale, I'd say it's well worth your $. Which one you try first might depend on your playstyle & motivations. DoK will give you an easier introduction to the genre, but HW will give you a more meaningful & compelling one. The original HW campaign was absolutely outstanding, but nobody ever said it was easy and there's only one difficulty setting. I'll admit to shamelessly using a strategy guide my first time through HW, but still loving every minute of it. The DoK campaign has three difficulty settings and more tutorial guidance, but its storytelling just doesn't pack as much firepower. Anyway, while you wait for a sale... Other RTS super-classics like Age of Empires II or Starcraft, would make *ideal* introductions to RTS gaming, and their remastered/HD versions aren't too pricey. As luck would have it, Starcraft is even on sale right now, and I'm downloading it in a sudden impulsive wave of nostalgia. -SkunkTwerks
  9. Resurrecting this old thread to add a craft I meant to upload ages ago: the SkunkTwerks Coalition Strike Fighter (Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak) ATMO+VTOL Based on these two screenshot for HW:DoK: And the Twerkshop photos: If anyone has Homeworld related craft requests, I'm always up for a challenge! Remember to keep the sand out of your engines, -SkunkTwerks
  10. Glad you enjoyed those crafts @Klapaucius! That reminds me, I built the HW:DoK Tactical Strike Fighter and never got around to posting it... I'll get on that! Seems I'm a little late to the conversation, but I LOVED Homeworld and highly recommend it. It's pretty dissimilar to KSP, but they do complement each other nicely. The original Homeworld, in my opinion, struck the perfect balance of simplicity, tactical novelty, and a phenomenally compelling narrative. Manipulating fleets in full 3D space felt positively revolutionary in its day, and I'm surprised more games haven't followed suit because it was freaking awesome. It takes a little getting used to, but you'll be pretty good at it by the time you're halfway into the campaign (which was positively fantastic for its story and level design). Homeworld 2 had a slicker UI and awesome graphics, but IMHO had just a few too many things to micromanage (research, modules, etc...) for my tastes. And while the campaign was pretty good, there was no way it was going to live up to the original in terms of epic destiny. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak was a much less unique game. A decent intro to the RTS genre, it wasn't too complicated and the campaign progressed nicely (although again, not as compelling as the original HW). There are better land-based RTS games out there, but HW:DoK had special meaning for those of us who really got into HW. -SkunkTwerks
  11. Thanks, I should clarify... Do you use an image overlay software as "tracing paper" when you're building your 1:1 models in the SPH/VAB? Or are you just insanely good at eyeballing & measuring? If you use overlays, what software do you use for that? I'd have an easier time getting proportions of my crafts right if I didn't have to tab back and forth between my reference schematics and my crafts while building them. I tried OVERLAY2 and it hasn't been able to mask over KSP's window, so I'm looking for alternatives. And are you aware of any good mods that make it easy to measure distances and part angles in the SPH/VAB aside from EditorExtensionsRedux?
  12. Bravo, bravo! Phenomenal work @Servo! *salutes* What software do you use to do your overlays? I'm having a hard time finding something that will actually overlay over my game window.
  13. Once upon a time, in a quest to kerbalize some of the weirdest aircraft in history, I attempted to make Avro Canada's VZ-9 Avrocar. It was enough of a challenge that I could easily understand why the project was doomed for failure. But where real life fails, Kerbal sometimes succeeds. This was the actually somewhat-functional (albeit tricky to pilot) result: Flying saucy! PM me if you'd like a craft file. -SkunkTwerks
  14. I accidentally ended up making a silly little circumnavigator a while back while building tiny planes with my cousin. We named it "Airy Larry the Extraordinary," because it accidentally circumnavigated Kerbin in under 43 Kerbin minutes, using less than 540 units of liquid fuel. I say accidentally because I just was doing a simple test flight to see what its top speed and ceiling would be... and then I realized it'd probably go 'round the planet. It did, with plenty of fuel to spare. With a more deliberate ascent path, a little less extra fuel on board, and after trimming some of the "luxury" parts, you could probably get the trip down to well under 40 minutes and <450 units of fuel. ... And my cousin called Airy Larry the Extraordinary cute. So it's officially cute, and highly capable! Happy to PM you a craft file if you'd like. -SkunkTwerks
  15. Well folks, I just had a fun building moment. I was working on the Coalition Gunship's sister ship, the Coalition Tactical Bomber, but couldn't find great photos online. So I popped into HW:DoK to take some screenshots. It was actually the first time I'd ever really zoomed in on the air units in the game, most of the time they'd just been a few pixels on my screen. It worked beautifully, and the results are posted below. However, I decided to take some snapshots of the gunship in action as well... Turns out the engines aren't where I assumed they were, and the craft is less symmetrical than I thought. It only has 2 gun turrets (one center and one starboard), the sensors bay is found only on the starboard side of the cockpit, and the engines should probably be upgraded to Whiplashes to produce the all-important blue exhaust. So needless to say, since I know everyone cares oh so very much about tiny accuracy details [/sarcasm], I'll be releasing a gunship update in the near future. Because why settle? In the meantime, let me distract you with the newest shiny object from the Twerkshop: the SkunkTwerks Coalition Tactical Bomber (Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak) ATMO+VTOL, based off this late-game screenshot: More screenshots in spoiler below And here's the Kerbalized version in action: True to its name, this is an ideal choice for rapidly coating stray rovers with flaming mystery goo. Handles beautifully. But seriously, this craft is the bomb(er) and I'm having an absolute *blast* flying it around. Bwahahaha, yeah I was pretty pleased with the handling, but I think the bomber currently outdoes it and I'll be curious to hear your take. And as fun as it would be to swap those guns out for some BDArmory chainguns, I rather enjoy the challenge of trying to make everything 100% stock. Thank you! Guess you'll have another thing to look forward to when your favorite mods finally update. -SkunkTwerks