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  1. Well, most of my "satellites" are quite huge. Here's my interplanetary quad relay: Mun biome scanner: Kerbin biome scanner:
  2. Hi guys let's do a little fun survey.. Name your best top 10 addons (in order from the best to less good) that you can't play without this year. One more thing, module manager doesn't count coz it's required by most mods to run properly. Ok, here goes my list: 1. KIS (+module manager obviously) 2. Kerbal Engineer Redux (KER) 3. Atomic Age (nuclear engines + some parts) 4. Modular Fuel Tanks 5. Radar Altimeter (dark side landing? No problem) 6. Precise Maneuver (maneuver node fine-tuner) 7. Time Control (coz my RL time is precious) 8. Tweakscale 9. Planet Shine 10. Mechjeb 2
  3. I'm 32 and my design priorities are (in order from highest to lowest): 1. Function 2. Survivability (redundancy) 3. Fuel efficient
  4. I have (almost) used everything for experimental flights and only one part that is less useful: the Hydraulic Detachment Manifold decoupler. Most of my boosters or external tanks are not that big though.
  5. If you are ok with mods, try Atomic Age. One of the engine features "hot mode" for extra thrust at sea level.
  6. ...and I'm living here where summer is 24/7 whole year with occasional wet rainy weeks. Not to mention its usually around 30+ degrees celcius when the sun is hanging above my head.
  7. It does disable the cpu extended states (AVX+, FMA, F16C) by disabling the use of xsave instruction. Here, with AVX enabled and disabled AIDA64 FPU mandel (double-precision fp) benchmark results: AVX on (normal windows): AVX off (xsavedisable 1): CPUID bit readings: Just run any AVX/AVX2/FMA optimized benchmark with both settings.
  8. I ran several fps tests with a 175-part rocket+lander and no noticeable difference between AVX (normal) and disabled AVX (xsavedisable 1: disabled AVX in Windows 10). Both result in consistent fps range of 60 to 70 (unlocked framerate & no vsync). My 3570k doesn't support AVX2 though.
  9. http://physxinfo.com/wiki/PhysX_SDK_3.x Deformables section.
  10. I've just found out that Unity 5.x Physx 3 actually runs with two code paths (SSE2 for older/value cpus and AVX for newer/mid-to-high cpus).
  11. My science and refueling station, with one engine to adjust its orbit if necessary.
  12. Thank you @sal_vager Turns out I don't need those latest extensions yet, keeping my 3570k for now. Much appreciated.
  13. Does KSP utilize AVX, AVX2, and FMA3/FMA? Or still on SSE2/SSE4 codes? I'm thinking of getting a new cpu optimized for some physics based games like KSP and BeamNG.
  14. i wasn't aware of this. Of course I don't want this but are you saying that you made all of these mods scaled parts by yourself? I thought it was all parameters scaling only. I'm not sure about how visual parts scaling works, custom made textures or just... zoom-like scaling
  15. Thank you for this brilliant mod, I'm using this mod along with Tweakscale.
  16. Tweakscale and Modular Fuel Tanks are the best mods ever, so much flexibility. These should be made stock.
  17. Hi, could you point which option that I should disable to reduce every 5 secs ingame stutter? I'm having exactly same issue, stock KSP 1.2 Thanks
  18. Halo gan, main ksp dari 1.05 , sekarang di 1.2
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