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  1. Well im not talking about financial years O_o just normal quarters. So a year for this poll is just Jan to Dec. (Q1 is Jan to Mar etc...) Or have I been using it wrong all these years? @_@ are there normal quarters? XD
  2. It’s pretty tiring seeing this same thing come up over and over again in the forum. Where if some idea or feature doesn’t matter to that specific person then they don’t want any work put into anything else out of some perceived longer wait time to receive the game. It boggles the mind. I vote for no console option
  3. @Brikoleur please stop, “good options” or “crap options that don’t work” are subjective opinions. That’s the whole reason options exist, so people can tailor their game to their tastes because everyone has different likes/dislikes/feelings/opinions etc...
  4. Arguing against having options is crazy talk
  5. We going to learn how warp drive probably couldn’t exceed the speed of light because as we recently confirmed, the speed of light is also for all intents and purposes the speed of space. Or we going to learn how KSP2 devs don’t care as long as it’s cool looking >_<? I kinda already know dat stuff and they both make me sad inside.
  6. And yet you do have people routinely (probably every 10mins consecutively for hours at a time) easily coordinating timewarps almost without a thought about it. In Minecraft the assembly buildings aren’t even instanced, everyone constantly works on their projects in real-time with frequent easily agreed upon timewarps. So..... what the problamo?
  7. I’m pretty sure if I launched myself high enough in a rocket if I look down I will see Australia
  8. @KerikBalm Just don’t attempt to eat popcorn directly from the exhaust nozzle XD Headline: Rocket Scientist Dies Under Curiesque Circumstances.
  9. @kerbiloid hmmmm. Yer I think I can picture situations where you might use a chute and rocket in the same stage. Probably not by themselves but in conjunction with separation events maybe... I’m sure there are better ways to do things but I wouldn’t be for hard restrictions on staging, not setting up staging correctly can be a valuable learning scenario and allowing suboptimal solutions also lets you improve on past designs so I like the freedom basically.
  10. @ansaman thanks for the link, I won’t be making puns after watching that. Pretty tragic. He was one brave if misguided SOB