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  1. I haven’t looked at any numbers but even if it was possible I don’t think it would be practical. It would probably need so much regiggering that it would be an almost entirely new rocket. (I guess the question becomes would there be a reason to do that if Starship exists?)
  2. Sigh... it’s kinda cruel to show us starship and then take it apart again T_T
  3. They don’t and that’s not how works. The warp core is a matter/anti-matter reactor, the crystals are part of the mechanism by which that reaction is harnessed. There is no crystal energy. @Kelly @lajoswinkler @55delta you beat me to it, nice work holy crap this is a necro thread @_@! Still... so much bad knowledge of Star Trek should not go unchallenged XD
  4. Just to add onto some of the above comments. It’s also a shaky justification indeed when they talk about one of Gateway’s roles being a comm relay to the far side of the Moon, when it couldn’t really serve that function well compared to a few Starlink type sats that can probably provide better coverage for a tiny fraction of the cost.
  5. What a waste of time that was. Just more of Bridestine using SpaceX’s popularity as a soapbox for his tiring rhetoric imo.
  6. Still weirded out by Bridestine... i haven’t seen anything yet that makes me feel like his official statement was anything other than a tasteless attempt to steer the limelight back to NASA’s programs, which when compared to SpaceX seem embarrassingly poor bang for buck and excruciatingly slow
  7. The year is 2019, SpaceX fans have started descending into mania due to no starship updates for a week or two.
  8. Hmmm, I wonder if there are any guarantees as to the funding for Gateway after the next election.
  9. I’ve seen a few people proposing ways to use starship as a permanent base once at its destination but this concept seems to overlook one of the main purposes of starship. It’s intended to be reusable. This is how SpaceX intends to open up space, by dropping launch costs via reusability but there are also logistical bottlenecks that come into play which require a lot of Starships for a Mars city to become a reality. As an end of life use for Starship materials, sure send them to Mars and use them as a resource but taking them out of commission before they have flown to their potential is counterproductive and wasteful. Id imagine we are probably talking decades of useful service life with these things.
  10. hmmm, do you have more than one control part? like multiple probe cores? i found a conflict sometimes with multiple control parts and a reset sometimes fixed it. with multiple cores in differnt orientations there is also a chance your craft might be starting with the wrong control point and think it's upsidedown maybe? just another guess, hope it helps (wah i see you already fixed it?! i was close! :D)
  11. 11 tons of tungsten does not a telephone pole make Residential telephone poles around these parts start at 10m tall above ground. That would have to weigh a hell of a lot in tungsten Edit* my bad seems like a telephone pole made of tungsten would be roughly 3m3 in volume = approx 58 tons. so i guess you could launch one (i had an extra zero in my guestimate somehow)
  12. you aint launching a telephone pole worth of tungsten into orbit with any launch system made in our lifetime btw @_@
  13. I don’t think you’d need to decelerate the impactor too much if at all. You could probably just alter the orbit slightly so the perigee intersects the target. This would take minute deltaV if already in a highly elliptical orbit by making the adjustments at apogee. Of course what you gain in deltaV savings you lose in time with this method. In combat the windows in which you can take action can stay open briefly, making weapon systems that require to be set on target months in advance less useful.
  14. I mean... it’s a testbed for space fighter development surely