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  1. Wow that a really Quickly Fix, how can u do that :P So quick that For Now we just made some free time to watch Space X Lunch there New Firewor..... Eh... The New test rocket that will gona Booooom (in plan)soon.
  2. Long time not see First I want to say that New UI of Propellant selection are really great to use, I really appreciate it And that TEG come with Variable installed capacity also very useful for build light weight craft. But still look like has some minor bug like, when u reduce that capacity of generator to 20%, that reactor still been require as 100% power, and that rest of Heat Power beem turn in to Waste heat , that make those generator are not beem reduce capacity but efficiency as -80%, For example:Heat to MJ power efficiency with 20% capacity of TEG: A Reactor that with Max 100MW HeatPower, TEG current efficiency in 50%,capacity 20% ideal: H×20% , 0.2H × 50% Reactor run in 20MW to support 20% capacitygen to get 10MW power. Waste heat 10MW current: H ×(50%×20%) Reactor run in 100MW to support 20% capacity gen to get 10MW power. Waste heat 90MW. "H"as Reactor power level. Result in a lot of waste for energy and Over Heat Radiator......
  3. Long time not see First I want to say that New UI of Propellant selection are really great to use, I really appreciate it And also Gen come with Variable installed capacity also very useful for build light weight craft.
  4. LOL I remember that Deinonychus 1-D Chem Eng was put in Fusion Engines type, some how feel that partly correct because they have operate in a similar way —— by putting two thing together to make it heat up and eject out.
  5. I Remember it have Isp throttle For MIF engine , For now It been remove ? again ?
  6. Temporary solutions, If you have Filter Extensions and switch to Squad tag for all part you can see that old part . that can be show that old part still here and have RF feature. Perhaps that is another bug by Filter Extensions that cause Failure to hide old part .(but helpful)
  7. Try use Pebblebed and other reactor like MIF in Same ship, both have link on TEG . And save/load or Warp time. that may happen again
  8. Same Problems, when you open debug— you will see " [KSPI]-managed ProvidedPowerSupplyPer SecondMiniMumRatio illegal Values." that flash very fast and push over other messages. Is that kind of Bug? Edit: I running on KSP 1.4.5, Have RSS and RF,That ship have pebblebed in 1.25m, MIF Fusion Engine 2.5m,2 CANDLE as payload use(Tiny airless lander). one TEFR 0.625m on payload. Pebblebed and TEFR Have no power and lock in Active (0.00%). No fuel consume on Power Generator . However that MIF still can use and work normal. other Solid core NTR are normal too.
  9. Hello, I was playing ksp 1.3.1. And I can't find SolarSail or PhotonSail in Vab and R&D,is that not included in 1.3.1 yet?
  10. After some long time thinking , I re-think about what I'm going to say. The way to improve that Chemical rocket efficiency (in weight way) is reduce oxidizer. To do that, first we need make sure that "fuel" are way more than "oxidizer", and then we don't use oxidizer as a propellant, because it high in molar mass will reduce ISP for engine. I think that a jump out the box to thinking. How to do that? By reuse that oxidizer again. burn fuel and oxdizer in a close system and them let Heat heat up propellant (normally fuel) by pass heat exchanger. Result high Exhaust velocity and low mass follow. Get lot thermal Power to use, and byproduct like water Steam and CO2 need storage, and electrolyze that to get back oxidizer in idle time. Overall: ①A engine that Isp and TWR similar as solid core NTR but it a chemical! It mean no need of rad shied and Eco-friendly, and no special resources are needed.(because nuclear fuel are rare. ②Reducing the risk that fission fuels are easily owned by civilians, it might be use to trade in black market and be use to make a bomb in some secret place. ③Burning time are limited(by how many oxidizer and byproduct storage can use in one time ). So It might burn muti time rather than one burn to finish orbital transfer. ④Low in Technical, rare resoure requite. ⑤tradeoff to reduce Overall power to get mass saving. ⑥ In theory it can use any propellant ! ( rather them few combustion for chemical rocket)
  11. Stock fuel cell are open cycle systeam, it mean it will loss mass when running. And only work for stock fuel. both are also running on low power (16KW or lower).
  12. Well, I designed the main purpose of the device Not only for energy, but also recover that cryogenic fuel back to Easy to store fuel (such as water)with higher density and boiling point, save on tank mass and Volume. In this case energy is a by-product. It can be electrolyzed againg by some low and stable power supply.( Like charging a giant battery/ Regenerative Fuel Cells) And also, even that fuel combustion energy density are low, but the power ratio for combustion should way more higher then early reactor. In futher, we can have MPD generator to deal with some high adiabatic flame temperature such as H2+F2 (8000+K). As alway. In space Energy are cheep, but Materials are expensive.
  13. Hello there, After some long time thinking and explosion , I have got some new ideas for Energy harvesting from Chemical Power. First is about Oversize Fuel cell. That's very obvious,It can conversion H2+O2 to water, Power and wasteheat. And it can also use Hydrazine as fuel too.Ex:Hydrazine Fuel cells Second idear is about Chemical combustion reactor. You can think it as a close cycle rocket engine or reactor but power by chemical. When run it produce TP by combining chemical fuel and re-collection Combustion product(Like Water, CO2, etc) . Can link to TEG for cover to MJ, or link to Thermal nozzle. Core Temp Decide on combustion type, can have a cap on 3200K (Not on MHD) If this Link to Thermal nozzle that can be a new evolution of chemical engines!You get the engine power by Chemical combustion but Isp and propellant same as Soild NTR! Ex: Let burn H2 to get heat H2+O2=H2O(recovery) + Heat(3200+K) Recover water then heat propellant directly through heat exchanger ; propellant+Heat(3200+K) = thrust with high Exhaust velocity get thrust and isp same or even higher than NTR, and not lossing much propellant ideal to handel some low △DV orbital transfer If you like you can even burn a coal (Carbon) to power your Steam Rocket !! By burn some soild fuel and heat propellant directly through heat exchanger. C + O2= CO2↑ + Heat it also recover that carbon to some product that is easy to handle. More thing i will add after research Purpose: Fit the gap between Solar power, Low power reactor and Capacitance,New way to Handle Chemical fuel (like burn secend stage Hydron fuel to easy storage water), Give more Fun on low tech experience. Tech tree: Both Unlock at High power ec system same with TEG, can be update by tech
  14. Alright, Got that, I try to make a Excel witch wavelength Eff Range to help choice ideal beam type.
  15. Maybe you can try to use a small fission reactor (Motle salt or else) to power the Fusion reactor, than power main engine?
  16. I am doing localization tutorial and for now it part for Beam power, I try to make a equations form on excel , Is this Equations I choose correct? RT = 0.61 * D * L / RL where: RT = beam radius at target (m) D = distance from laser emitter to target (m) L = wavelength of laser beam (m, see table below) RL = radius of laser lens or reflector (m) http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/spacegunconvent.php#id--Laser_Cannon--Equations
  17. Why most Reactor are lack of durability? Like Molten Salt reactor that Power start decline just in 5 hour on full power! Why their are become so weak now?
  18. How about a Multifunction Chemical/Resistance/Waste Heat Rocket that can use muti fuel and swith? Like hydrazine (250s), HTP(140s), H2 (in cold gas, 270s). And it Can be boosted by Resistance to 3000K. perhaps it can use wasetheat , Core Temp decide on Cold bath on TEG ?
  19. That Really Great! But I still thing something missing..... How about add one big red Master Alerts under HUD?
  20. Hello,I have an idea for some new energy source, How about make some larger Fuel cell system that cover Liquid hydrogen and oxygen to water and MW power in macroscopic dimensions? that should very reliable emergency power soure, can use to restart Fusion reacter that shut down by accident. if you are interested i will try to Collect some information about that. Base setting: That part have 1000kg at 2.5 diameter (250kg in 1m φ), have a build in low power Water electrolysis,Capacitance, and some small tanks , efficiency around 85%, Can be throttled. Advanced/upgrade:can run H2-O2, CH4-O2, N2H4-H2O2 mode or even more Now I just need to know some realistic performance like power density, and how much MJ power you can get by cover hydrogen and oxygen to 1 ton water. (that cfg should be simple)
  21. That radiation make my RSS Mars program become impossible! My kerbal die by radiation at half way even my ship have full Shielding and Active Shield. There are no NTR on board too.