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  1. Love the wheels! Any chance of a belly-mounted variant? Low clearance causes... Problems, sometimes.
  2. I vigorously support this sentiment. This is wonderful.
  3. Keep in mind you can transfer Kerbals from one part to another in stock by clicking on the EVA hatches. You could also use something like crew manifest to something similar with an easier UI.
  4. I have this to say about my first test flight with MkIV parts: It was going very well until everything exploded. There was one survivor.
  5. Exactly! And I'm proposing giving each side of the plate a generic set of attachment nodes to save on part count for the mod. There are many uses for simple sheets of metal.
  6. Idea: Flat end plates for the cargo bays. With them, we could cap off the ends of cargo bays and use them as hangars on space stations. Give one side two 2.5 meter mounts and the other side, I dunno, six 1.25 meter ones. Flat adapter plates like that would also be handy for certain engine designs, so it's not just a single-purpose part..
  7. Is Porkjet still supposed to brew up textures for these parts? They look alright, but KSP doesn't use a minimalistic art style.
  8. C.U.T.L.A.S.S. engine - Combination Under-space Toggleable Aerospike Space propulSion Engine B.R.O.A.D.S.W.O.R.D. engine - Big, Roaring, Ominously Adaptable Dynamic Space, Water* and Ordinary Really Dangerous engine *Not meant to function underwater.
  9. Okay, I've got a bit of a big request. And by 'bit of a big request,' I mean a pretty huge one. Custom textures for all the parts. I love these parts. They massively expand the things you can do with the MkII fuselage (I especially like the rover cockpit, wonderfully designed part). But the little seams where the stock textures are stretched or stitched together bug me too much for me to really feel happy using most of them. Even if you don't brew up custom textures I'll still use a lot of these because they are superbly designed, but still... Pretty please?
  10. Could you grey out the little blue lights on the medium nose? They look a little like eyes, which I like with the probe core but not so much with just a tank. Thanks for the great work regardless!
  11. Could you give a shot at career mode implementation? Fuel pumping is supposed to be disabled until you upgrade your buildings a little, but this plugin works by default. Thanks for updating it, by the way. I love this mod.
  12. If you click on the hatch on the bottom of the cockpit you can have kernels come out of there.
  13. Format is compatible, they load up fine. I didn't test to see if they actually function, and they're probably a little out-of-balance nowadays, but there's no real reason for them to not work.
  14. I think sinking the 1.25 nodes further into the fuselage might look better. It also might not, of course. I do approve of aligned CoM and 1.25 nodes though, and the more rectangular bay could also come in handy for certain rovers I've got no way to transport.
  15. Feature idea: Vertical offset to allow for smooth-looking gull wings. The joints you get from rotating the wings leave awkward little splits in the wing. Minor detail, and not really necessary, but... Pretty please?
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