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  1. Yo did you guys kick me from the discord server or what

    1. ZentroCatson


      Uhh no idea... I didn't do anything

      Also please PM me instead of posting a status update on my profile if you wanna discuss something private, I'd appreciate that :)

  2. discord
  3. Wii U launch date, or has it been cancelled?

  4. Life on duna Misson log

    Misson Log #3 The Recruits are getting their oxygen tanks replaced cause we think they are just hallucinating so we changed their oxygen tanks and they are not saying anything about strange shadows in the distance but we still need to change Valentina's but we will the next day cause we need to experiment on this if it is just the oxygen or not Update on the mysterious vessel it is getting renovated so pieces will not fall off but at this point we think it is from a extra terrestrial life it is just craziness
  5. The Number War: Count to 100 or -100

    -97 -
  6. The Great War

    @DarkOwl57 EH......................................................................................................................................................YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Life on duna Misson log

    Mission Log #2 The recruits have been seeing unusual recourses so we have been experimenting with it to see how it reacts with certain things with a scraped ship it apparently started it back up we are currently trying to see if the recourse has any way to be sent back to earth so regular humans can use it it is not that bad of a recourse Also Valentina has seen the mysterious shadows while she was doing her nightly routine of examining she says they made a noise next time she is going with a voice recorder on her we are still making a hypothesis on what it is possibly another recruit
  8. The Great War

    @DarkOwl57 Yeah that could ALSO be a movie
  9. The Great War

    Wait what does that mean
  10. Life on duna Misson log

    Misson Briefing Duna also known as mars The mission is going swell but our recruits have been seeing shadows around Duna We also have been sending Valentina to examine the planet on a buggy but she says she sees nothing we think that their oxygen tanks are low and they are hallucinating so we refilled thier oxygen tank we are going to believe them and keep examining from time to time we will see how it goes later on
  11. A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    It could be good enough to be a movie
  12. KSP in VR

    You dont even need the oculus rift you can use the steam vr or playstation vr
  13. Nuclear Dropper

    So I am making a nuke dropper and i need some recommendations on what i should do to make it should i go with a plane or a rocket that can drop nukes from space I mean this has to be big enough to have equal weight on both left and right sides of the ship
  14. KSP in VR

    A KSP in VR would be nice able to be inside the cockpit and at the same time are able to go into 3rd person and see outside but looking at bad sides there probably will be frame rate issues
  15. Just taking A WALK

    oh ok