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  1. Hey gang! My first video. I don't cover too much of the KSPIE stuff, but I do have a setup for refueling HTP using robotics and tweak scaled drills.
  2. @wkwied Go to my guide on the front page. Then in my guide look for the video on the quantum singularity reactor. Should answer any questions you have.
  3. So you recommended hydrogen as a propellant. However, I've tried both Liquid Hydrogen tanks, and Hydrogen tanks. None of them work with the thermal turbo jets? There is the Hydrogen/Intake air, but that combo stops working after intake air runs out. 1.) Which tanks and type of hydrogen should I be using with the thermal turbojets?
  4. Ok so I followed your advice, and made a few tests. I started with my original Fusion design, and then created something new. Here's the full detail of what I did. In the end I was successful but I have some questions below. Questions: 1.) So looking at the Positron Reactor in the top left, is there anything I can do to get more of that thermal power? Or is just never going to be at 100% thermal power. 2.) Since I have a reactor for each engine, should I make the engines the same size as the reactor? or slightly smaller. i.e. 2.5 engine for a 2.5 reactor or should I do a 2.0 engine for the 2.5 reactor. 3.) Am I correct there is no way to ISRU Lithium Hydride or Diborane correct? So I need to go with another fuel if I want to refuel on planets/moons. (You recommend Hydrogen above I believe) Thanks for your help sir! Loving this playthrough!!
  5. @wkwied Also I'd recommend doing some more testing to see if you can answer some of your own questions. Make test save in creative mode (even if your main game is creative mode). I made a craft that had EVERY ISRU on it possible. I also put a storage container for all of the ores. I would launch it, then mine, and realize I needed some hydrogen storage for example. So I'd revert and throw one on. What you will find is there are 4 main ISRU models that come in both an inline and hex form. Converter, Refrigerator, Processor, and one other that I can't remember atm. Then there are two others that I haven't really experimented with. Right click on each one and click "Toggle Refinery window". Then you can see what each one makes, and what inputs it needs. Also many of them have a slider bar. For example one of the ones for the refrigerator is Compressed air <--> Intake air. It starts at 0 which means its doing nothing. If you slide it to the left it will start turning all intake air into compressed air, and visa versa. That's how all the processors work. So take that knowledge, and use the two charts on the front page and play around. Use the cheat menu to put your craft on different planets and atmospheres to test what you get. Spend one nights play session doing that and you will probably have a lot less questions. Also go a few pages back in here and I posted some pictures of me making HTP using the refinery windows.
  6. @wkwied Check out my guide on the front page. There is a link in it for a video on the Quantum singularity reactor. Also the Bussard is the same as the Daedalus engine. There's also a video on the front page of this thread about them both. Try starting there.
  7. @Falc1 He already acknowledged it as a known issues about 8 posts up. He recommended reverting back to the previous version. They can be found on the front page.
  8. @FreeThinkerLove the antimatter reactor idea haha! I'm also a huge trekkie though. So need some build advice. I got like 23000 science from a duna/ike excursion. So I got to the first level of antimatter reactors with the positron and beam core. Now in my thinking I went, ok the magnetized fusion got me a 200k kg into orbit so now I should REALLY be able to go places because antimatter is so much more powerful. So I started testing some crafts. I stared with a Simple 2.5m Charged Particle Gen, Beam Core reactor, and Plasma Nozzle on liquid fuel. (I had seen the video below) I thought that would be enough, but found out maybe not so much. Now the video is 2 years old, and I read on previous pages the beam core only uses 2 percent for the Plasma Nozzle? So maybe I need to use a different engine/reactor? However, once I got it to space the Plasma Nozzle got GREAT! d/v and TWR So then my brain went, well thermal engines have done well. So I added 2 positron reactors each with its own thermal turbojet engine @ 2.5. With two 1.8 sized HTP fuel tanks. I think it was all about 80k mass at the end of it. I was surprised that the thermal jets weren't enough to get it into orbit even in HTP mode. Now the higher I got the more the plasma nozzle kicked in, but still wasn't quite enough. 1. What would your recommend for a spaceplane SSTO limited to Beam and Positron Antimatter Reactor. I have access to plasma, thermal, vista engine, and Attila's. (I know you recommended the nuke lightbulb but its just so freaking big. I guess I could try that though.) 2. My attilla's still can't use compressed air. Is this an upgrade further down the tech tree? 3. Is there a better reactor to use with the plasma nozzle, or is it just more of a get it into space and let it shine situation. Eve or Laythe are probably next on my science gathering list lol. 23000 science and I was only able to unlock about 5 nodes because of the level I'm at haha. LOVE THIS MOD!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hey @FreeThinker Can you help me understand which drills do what? The regolith one is obvious, but I'm having a hard time getting the materials I need. I was trying to get HTP from Duna, and I thought regolith was on any planet body, but its only ones with no atmosphere. I have a Drill-o-matic on, but it can only grab ore and alumina correct? I tried to do atmosphere grab, but apparently there isn't enough atmosphere on Duna to get enough water to make Hyrdrogen. I also have a mining base with a Universal drill auger. The only problem is how big that thing is vs the fact it doesn't reach that far. The green one is only for ocean mining correct? Thanks for the help!
  10. I'm pretty sure ckan is up to date, even though whatever file it looks for the version may not be. I know this because when he releases one I get a pop up about a day later in cKan. Also bug troubleshooting we have done has been fixed in cKan updates indicating that it is indeed patching and up to date. I will say mine says the wrong version too, but the files are the up to date ones.
  11. @Turbo Ben would you mind sharing a picture of your craft. I have one that 4k d/v curious how you got to 7 and what it looks like.
  12. To the Thermal engine question yes. At least as far as my testing has shown. I had a similar problem with my bigger ssto. It has to do with too many engines dissipates how much power it can give you. Radiators. You need the black graphene ones. If you are doing a career playthrough dedicate some science to getting higher down the heat tree to get some of the more useful ones. There are radiator tail find for example. Remember you can scale them smaller in most cases. Also remember when you are just doing thermal engine you won’t need THAT many radiators in space. So you don’t necessarily have to get heat in the green in that case. Just keep testing. It’s a little rough figuring it out but once you get it feels immensely rewarding.
  13. Be interesting to compare both your mod lists since you are both having the issue. Might help y’all narrow it down.
  14. What is the lithium battery used for? I see the 200 Electric charge, but what's the Kilowatt hours for? I don't see that measure anywhere else in the mod.
  15. So just to be clear.... PROPELLANT { name = IntakeAtm ratio = 1 } atmCurve { key = 0.00 0.00 key = 0.04 0.25 key = 0.16 0.50 key = 0.50 0.80 key = 1.00 1.00 } velCurve { key = 0 0.70 0 0 key = 1 1.00 0 0 key = 2 0.95 0 0 key = 3 0.70 0 0 key = 4 0.45 0 0 key = 5 0.20 0 0 key = 7 0.00 0 0 } atmosphereCurve <<<<<<THIS IS WHAT I CHANGED. It was AtmosphereIspCurve. This is what you meant right? { key = 0.00 332.5 key = 0.15 266 key = 0.3 266 key = 1.0 266 } EDIT: Ok think that worked. I'm doing good so far. I'll report any issues.
  16. I'll try it when I play next. Thank you sir! So outside of the bug. Two things for everyone! 1 I made a new more organized SSTO with a cargo bay. Two beaucoupzero released a build with a great example of microwave power plane and power station. See my guide on the front page for the beau video. Full Gallery - about 3900 d/v -
  17. @FreeThinker I fixed the links above. Please review that. Sorry I deleted the original imgur post apparently. Build: Circular Radiator 3 person command pod Fuel tank with HTP (I've tried multiple and it doesn't seem to matter) Also tried liquid argon. Magnetized targeted fusion reactor Thermal turbo or ramjet set to HTP or whichever fuel. Launch the craft Hit space bar to activate engines Apocalypse So my current work around is I downgraded to the previous version of KSPIE from the front page. EVEN THEN it was still happening when I launched craft I had previously built with the engines before. I had to remove the thermal engines, save the craft, open another one, then open the original one again now without engines. I then grabbed necessary thermal turbo/ramjets from the parts menu, set them up with action groups and fuel choice, and then launched the craft and it worked. It was behaving like the craft file somehow remembered the error from the most current update, and I had to remove them, and re-add them to get the older version ones that work.
  18. Yeah man, its definitely the thermal engines. So look at the KER window. Normally it will say 0 for the values, and then when you select the a fuel type that the engine can use it will actually show its Delta V. However, the thermal engines are now showing this NaNkNm thing. Again I can launch the craft and everything is fine. The SECOND I hit the stage button for the engine (regardless of throttle level) I go into Apocalypse world. (also yes I know technically there is no "jump start" reactor on here. However, I have tested it with one and get the same result) I tried removing Photon sailor. That didn't help. Here is the full gallery.
  19. I'll do a little more testing and then give that a shot. Obviously I'd rather help @FreeThinker figure out what broke so we can either update compatible mods or fix it, but at the same time he has a life and I don't want to pressure him if I can just go back a release.
  20. @kerbnub Try Kerbal Joint Reinforcement continued. It will make your craft more stable for warp. Beacoupzero uses it in his mod list (See my reddit guide)
  21. @FreeThinkerMine was powered by a Magnetized target fusion reactor and yes it had all the fuel. I get the same "Engine missing - Fuel Missing" message when my world goes all wonky. Its definitely something conflicting in the update that was just released. Like I said I can fly multiple other vehicles no problem. The second I fire up the Thermal Turbo/Ramjet game breaks.
  22. It happens when I start KSPIE engines. So I put multiple stock craft with different engines on the runway and they took off no issues. The second I put One of my thermal SSTO's with Thermal Turbo or Ramjet it goes wonky. I'm reloading again to find out if its just the thermals or if its all KSPIE engines. Edit: Yup its the thermal nozzles. I tried Attila and it worked fine. The open core gas engine seemed fine. The second I strapped a thermal ram or turbo jet on and hit space went funky.
  23. @FreeThinker Help! So I started Ckan and downloaded the latest patch for KSPIE and then this happened. When I load any craft stock or otherwise on the runway and start the engine this happens. Its very weird.
  24. @FreeThinkerThanks! I'm a long way off from antimatter. I'm at about the 1500 lvl of the science tree, so that's all I got right now.