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  1. I have the same problem, all the KerbinSide bases are available to launch from even when I haven't opened them yet.
  2. Hey, great mod, just wanted to ask if there are any plans to release this with 16k textures? I'm playing Realism Overhaul but with a real scale, stock-alike solar system and even 8k textures don't really cut it at x10.625 scale at low altitudes.
  3. Just including here an issue I have raised on GitHub, in case anyone has encountered and solved this issue already: Using Kerbal Konstructs with Kerbinside and Rescale (x10.625) on KSP 1.6.1, I have everything working effectively, except that new bases don't show up in the tracking station. They do show up on x3.2, and at very close ranges, at x6.4. As such, I've been attempting to find whatever manages the range at which icons are set to be displayed in the map view and/ or the tracking station. Could you advise please where to find this in the source code please? Much obliged. Nvm, found it. For anyone else wondering, it's this line: "float fRadarRadius = 12800 / fPosZ;" within MapIconDraw.cs Changing it to 36000 or so is suitable for x10.625 Rescale.
  4. Sir Mortimer would it be possible for you to make the latest version compatible with 1.3.1 please? I have a 1.3.1 KSP install with 119 mods that I've rejigged to make them work with each other, I'm really keen on the new features introduced with the latest version of Kerbalism but am unwilling to sacrifice my current 1.3.1 install for it. If you could retrofit the latest release for 1.3.1 I'd be very appreciative. Alternatively if that's too much to ask could you advise please as to where I should start to retrofit it myself? All the best - Decus91
  5. Repo, many thanks for the mod. Would it be possible to create a config for compatibility with Kerbalism, whereby it takes the HardDrive that Kerbalism implements into all the Command Pods and changed its storage from infinite to some reasonable value like 50 Mits?
  6. Hello, many thanks for the mod. Can I just ask: is it intentional for the solid state hard drive to have infinite storage? I've been searching high and low in the files to limit their data storage so as to not render meaningless the hard drives provided by TST. Could you advise please how/ where I would go about modding in this implementation?
  7. Interesting, well, let me know if you'd like any support in its development and I'll be happy to help out. I have plenty of space related knowledge but little in the way of coding experience. My availability is primarily during the weekend.
  8. Okay, thanks for the response. Is it planned for this new RT product to be backwards compatible with 1.3.1?
  9. Hey, I just wanted to ask the devs of RemoteTech: are there any plans to incorporate bandwidth/ transmission rate/ something akin to the radar range equation ( into this mod at any time in the future? I know that it would depend on having frequencies for the antennas, etc, but these could be estimated. I'd be happy to help out* if so and if this could also be back-dated to versions compatible with 1.3.1! *I have some rl qualifications/ an MSc in the area so that should help.
  10. I'm fairly sure the wings just don't produce anything like enough lift and/ or everything is way too heavy (as someone said previously), also flaps don't seem to work at all, and slats don't exist. Add all this together, and well... its still better than stock My first aircraft are usually retro bi-planes lol.
  11. True, but lets be honest, any respectable mod list has at least 15 mods in there, and some of them will require Module Manager, thus almost everyone on these forums will be using Module Manager. Of course it would be fair to say that I shouldn't have assumed compatibility between the two, even with Module Manager being as central of a mod as it is, but it is still nevertheless true that module manager will be included on the installs of the vast majority of the playerbase that frequents these forums.
  12. Among the various configurations I tried was Eve and Boulder Co in isolation, here's the associated log file (renamed) (its actually a version I did just now having removed all the other mods, previously it was based on a clean install with Eve and Boulder Co only, with the same result; the log file for that was not saved so I've included the one from today): EVE & BC log file Edit: To make this as straight forward as possible, I've just tried Eve and B.Co in isolation again on a fresh copy (c/p from Steam directory, previously unmodded since last install), the only additional gamedata folders being Squad and ModManager (2.7.2) (so this one won't have the mod manager cache as above): Eve & BC Clean log file Re-Edit: Just to make sure, I've also reinstalled it today (incase I forgot something), and reinstalled Eve, B.Co and ModManager (2.7.1), without the old save file (the old one would have referred to techtree stuff which was uninstalled, potentially complicating things): Eve & BC Cleanest log file For clarity, the result is identical in each of them minus a few nullrefs in the output log file. I had also tried KSPTechTreeEditor in isolation as well, which worked fine within the remit of the additional mods it supports (i.e.: there are exceptions for those parts of the tech tree that refer to parts provided by mods which were not installed). I assure you that my 3 hours of testing was performed with due diligence, Waz. Any help is appreciated, thanks. Update: Upon further analysis it appears to be a problem with Module Manager 2.7.2. Further Update: It was a problem with Module Manager 2.7.2 compatibility with EVE, today's release of 2.7.3 has resolved the issue.
  13. Thanks for the support guys, I reinstalled KSP from scratch, created a copy on the desktop, and reinstalled the mods. Sadly no luck however, the issue remains as it was before, any ideas? Here's the new log file: Log File The install looks the same as before except with Boulder Co removed.
  14. Hey, can anyone help me? For the life of me I can't get clouds to work in my install, thanks! Let me know if you need any more information. There's not much in the way of description to provide, I've tried in both 32 and 64 bit, I've tried without additional mods, I've played around with it for about 3 hours trying everything I can, the clouds simply don't appear. Install Image Output_log