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  1. Hi again! After some successful flights, I'm happy to introduce you to my control panel!!! I just finished the code and it's working very well. Later, I think I'll try to add a potentiometer to control the thrust and a joystick for docking maneuvers but for now, I very happy. I think I will also make a video of it for my YouTube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChQUpu4H-LYlCX25abffzXw in French ) and try to continue a KSP series with it.
  2. There's a way to emulate 48 buttons : I'm using the Joystick 3 library from the github link. This library can emulate 3 joysticks with X and Y axis and 16 buttons! Thanks at all for The link
  3. Hi everyone, After some tests, I FINALLY discovered that ksp doesn't know keys that aren't on a classical keyboard like F24. I searched for a file that lists all the KSP-known keyboard keys but I can't find it. Maybe it doesn't exist. I hope that one of our great member like @Freshmeat , @stibbonsor @Antipaten could help me because I have 42 switches (OMG 42, THE ANSWER TO THE LIFE ANS THE UNIVERSE xD) on my panel but I don't have 42 free keys on my keyboard.
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    Hey! That's my second post and I've got a problem. My answers on my first post are hidden. Why are they hidden? How could I make them visible? Tahnks, Mopikel
  7. Hi everyone, thanks for answering. I tried on a text editor and it's works. KSP doesn't get key sequences, like I said, when I try to map a key, it detects the alt key, then the numpad key, and once again the alt key. I'll try with scan codes, maybe it will work. And could I or someone move this topic to the Fan Work section?
  8. Hi everyone, Yesterday, I have just finished programming my Arduino Leonardo card to make my control panel send ALT combination keys to make it easier to avoid conflicts with other keys. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on KSP. It detects "left alt" then "numpad [number]" and once again "left alt". So, I just wanted to know if there is a trick or an add-on that make KSP able to get ALT combinations. Regards, Mopikel
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