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  1. Yeah, seems reasonable. But they should at least add clouds aswell as ocean shaders, something similar as Scatterer and Stock Visual Enhancements offer, because until now the game looks rather boring.
  2. A few days ago I built a glider in KSP. Pretty awesome at fist, but it got boring after 3 flights or so because there was no way of staying in the air without descending. So I started thinking: "What if weather, wind, turbulences and thermics was added into the game?" This is basically what this suggestion is. Weather, wind and thermics. This would give gliders a sence and make the game more chalenging, for example when you want to land on Duna or Eve, but there's a storm underneath you or if you want to launch a rocket. Would you like to see a feature like this in the game? (And yes, I know t
  3. I don't know if you know Tape Gaming's and Beardy Penguine's series "Fall of Kerbin" (if not, watch it it's great) which includes a modpack that adds ships, tanks with working and realistic armor etc. Unfortunately this modpack only work in KSP 1.2.2
  4. I have a Problem: on my Space Telescope (Deep Space Telescope part used) I can't set any of the galaxies as a target.
  5. I'm afraid that won't work because this is in Version 1.2.2 so i can't set the Engagement Options.
  6. Hey guys, I was wondering if I could stop the guard mode in BD Armory to shoot at my missiles/bombs/torpedoes because I am playing something like a WW2 game and it is kinda unrealistic to have your bomb shot down by aa. Pls help
  7. Hey guys, can you help me? Since the introduction of Commnet in KSP 1.2 I am looking for a mod that lets me say to a probe: "Do this action (for example Retro-burn) in 30 minutes". This is because I often have the problem that I can't circularize my orbit because I am not connected to KSC because the planet is in my way. Are there any mods that let me do this?
  8. it seems to work now, thanks. You really saved my day
  9. OK I'll try this out and I'll let you know if it worked, but thanks a lot already^^
  10. Hey guys, I have a question and hope someone is nice and may be able to answer it. Since the update 1.2.1 my game crashes after some minutes of playing, I think it's 20-30 minutes. I have no mods installed and even tried to reinstall KSP, but it keeps crashing. I inserted the crash-report-files from the last crash so you guys can have a look at them and maybe tell me whats the Problem. Also I forgot to mention that this happens in the 32bit Version but also in the 64bit Version. I really hope someone can help me. error file: Unity Player [version: Unity 5.4.0p4_b
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