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  1. Yeah, you'll have trouble with this in 1.3, and Porkjet's no longer maintaining it. You'll want to check this out:
  2. I solve this problem with the claw. Or, more often, KAS and some docking ports. Makes for more difficult but rewarding rescues!
  3. Looks great! Would love an option for roman numerals instead of decimal.
  4. You probably want to post this at the new thread, here: But the simple answer to your question is that you need a kerbal in a pod with EL enabled, like that command pod. It's showing that your build will never complete because your ship has no crew capable of building it, and the alarm errors out and triggers immediately instead of setting for infinite time.
  5. I also ran into a problem with 2.2.7, existing vessels with Metal and RocketParts tanks turned into Ore, and my SimpleConstruction ports failed to get RocketParts even after I switched the tanks back and gathered those resources. Reverting to 2.2.6 and reloading from an older save fixes the issue. How does the adaptiveTankSelection work? Maybe an issue there?