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  1. Hey so i have a problem were when iam flying/moving the bomb effect will move and not stay were it exploded is there any way to fix that?
  2. I Need help! i dont know where kerbin is in the files!! HELP! I need help i dont know were the kerbin file is! Can you make a video on how to install it?
  3. Hey i was going to ask if you have any free time can you help me with something i dont know how to land on planets?, and all the tutorials dont help at all!
  4. It had some weight issues trying to get it out of the atmosphere it would usally tip when trieing to make a orbit
  5. I mounted skylab on the top of the saturn v rocket
  6. well i meant like better physics (not that their already good but improvment) and more parts etc oh yea and optimization
  7. well does this mean that 8 devs left and there still might be some workers that are working on the game? if not iam going to be really sad because this game is awsome and people need to make it even better.
  8. most of the brige parts
  9. Hello, Now i have one problem i cant find the right part i need for the battleship,cruiser,etc and in the pictures you have already built them so can you make it were we can download the ship? So we don't have to build them.