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  1. Today, I reached KEO for the first time ever! Then I made my first constellation of relay satellites!
  2. When going into orbit around kerbin, the atmosphere completley envelopes the planet and makes only the blue of kerbin visible. When I checked scatterer the cfg file loaded always says laythe, even though im around kerbin. Is there any way to fix this?
  3. Before wheels broke when you touched them, but now I can bloody reenter at 3000m/s and be fine with wheels as landing gear! Is this a known bug?
  4. I have a problem, I'm in version 1.3.1 and none of the snap points are working, the eva prep space doesnt work, none of the modules work either.
  5. It only took about 1 month for it to go out of pre-release, amazing!
  6. it feels so weird coming back to vannila ksp, without scatterer, SVE and the like
  7. Is the vab supposed to have white holes where the elevator tracks are?
  8. The game doesnt launch for some reason, it is stuck at some sort of text file.
  9. Huh, I managed to get the icon working. There is light, but no color. Very strange.
  10. I rerember a long time ago that there were big snow storms on the poles of kerbin, and now there is no storm effect on poles. I thought it looked really nice, could someone please explain why they were removed?
  11. Is there any possibilty of someone picking this mod up again? Does the legal stuff allow it?
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