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  1. I've tried it with RasterPropMonitor and everything worked fine!
  2. In 0.45, there was a bug with RasterPropMonitor. Is it fixed in 0.5, and if not, when will it be fixed?
  3. Alright. I understand the intention, but I also find it quite odd, so in case I want to remove it, which file(s) do I need to edit/remove? Sidenote: EVE + Scatterer looks beautiful and it made me love this pack even more! Thumbs up to you and the authors of EVE and Scatterer!
  4. I just installed the EVE and Scatterer files when I noticed something with Moho (it's just Moho). It has an 'atmosphere' far above the surface and is moving very quikly. I tried looking into the files, but couldn't find anything.
  5. I just noticed that the TextureReplacer skymap misses the "Default" files, making it useless. The EnvMap files seem to be from Poodmund's Calm Nebula Skybox, but I don't see a file giving him credit for the textures...
  6. I installed the Distant Object Enhancements - extension, but the cfg-file is the same as the standard one and doesn't work...
  7. What are those fixes? Can you please make a little changelog?
  8. Also, will there be support for Distant Object Enhancement and PlanetShine?
  9. Hurray, it works! I can now use the latest version of KSS. I do hope it gets fixed though. Nonetheless, keep up the good work! And don't worry, I can wait a couple of weeks.
  10. All right, I'll try it. Sorry for the late response. Has @StarCrusher96 a fix for it planned? Anyway, thanks for responding!
  11. Is it a known bug that you can't enter KSC buildings and if you manage to launch a vessel, the camara freaks out and you clip through Kerbin?