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  1. What version of KSP are you using here? I decided to not go beyond 1.3.1 until I finish.
  2. The host would have to set up their router to forward external TCP request for port 8085 to the host computer and give the guest their external (public) IP address. A static IP address for the host computer and a Dynamic DNS service is recommended for this.
  3. Have you thought of asking LinuxGuruGamer about helping with development? He's good and maintains many other mods.
  4. And just by clicking that button it alignes stuff?
  5. I don't know why but the "this" you refer to doesn't show up as a link to me. It's just the text "this" without any reference to any location or URL.
  6. What am I missing here? What do I have to add/replace to make the maps work?
  7. I don't see Telemachus for KSP 1.3 or 1.4 in my CKAN. I see it for 1.2.2 and for 1.1.3. Is it because I use Linux or something else?
  8. Open CKAN. Go to Settings -> Compatible KSP Versions. Make sure version is checked. If not checked then check it. Hit Save. Now it should appear on the list.
  9. Thank you! Thank you! I've been waiting for this mod to be updated. <3
  10. Any plans on releasing this over CKAN?
  11. Go with Command Pod.
  12. DMP server works on Linux as well when run by mono. I basically use "mono dmp.exe" in my terminal window and viola, it works like a charm.
  13. I guess I'll be keeping 1.2.2 until all my mods get updated. Otherwise I will loose all my ships out on mission.
  14. For Multiplayer, I use DMP, it's not great and still a work in progress but it works mostly well.
  15. Actually, I had something like this in mind instead.
  16. Yes, I can only imagine though because I use Linux and there's no CKAN for Linux. But then, Linux users have the tendency to do things the hard way anyway... the more challenging it is, the happier we are. I would LOVE a Stargate mod. Has any been made yet?
  17. Perhaps it's this "terrain seams" bug is not on all platforms. I see it in Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) 64-bit. I know it's not a memory problem because I got 32 GB of RAM in my machine.
  18. * Fix where some science experiments only trigger once on action groups. Besides the terrain seams, this was the only bug I was actually experiencing. So 1 bug down, 1 more to go. It's progress... now to wait for some of my mods to get updated.
  19. I would advise you to try to contact the author and let them know of your intent to take over this work. It's always a good idea to get their permission, even if the license allows for it, just as a good business practice. Additionally, they may have additional material, plans or insights you may benefit from.
  20. I was looking at your Korda Industries KSP mod in SpaceDock but there's not enough information there describing what it actually is or a forum thread link.  I did some digging to find this page here and thought to let you know.

    1. DracovaXIV


      No problem. I'll fill in the gaps gradually. I only posted the add-on a few hours ago. :3

      Thanks for finding it, by the way!

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