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  1. Counting to 1000 easy edition

  2. Counting to 1000 easy edition

  3. Hey, im looking to start a war collaboration game, and since you asked about small arms, i thought you might be at least slightly interested.


    I made a post about it:


    I have one interested party so far, and am hoping to get at least 4 before starting.

    1. Sgt Doomball

      Sgt Doomball

      ok, but I have a tight schedule due to school.

    2. xx_mortekai_xx


      that's fine, as this is something that is not necessarily time sensitive, in that it doesn't have to be live.  You make your moves and upload your save.  as long as you aren't taking a week or more to do your turn, I'm sure we can work with you.

  4. Ejection seat

    Five parts were not recognized and one of them was the seat.
  5. Ejection seat

    I have a craft file with that part. The file came with a mod called A-7 Corsair II.
  6. Ejection seat

    I have a mod that has this part called "Really Expensive Ejection Seat Egress System". Does anyone know what mod it is from or what it is actually called?
  7. Towns

    Squad Why do you not have any cities or towns and just the KSC? It does not make any sense to only have one structure on the face of the planet and recruit kerbals out of thin air.
  8. Different Crash

    Yes that usually the point but this time it had an error screen (not BSOD) that said limit reached in gp.
  9. This is something completely off topic but I just got an error and my game crashed but it was not like my other crashes. I'll leave the error report in at the bottom.
  10. Join me on Discord for great times playing KSP or destroying your craft due to Kraken. Server Link

  11. THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  12. Adjusting Wing shape

    What mod is used to make the f14 in this video:
  13. Micheal Vey is out everyone.

    Image result for michael vey the last spark

    Image result for michael vey the last spark

  14. You should know there should be a button to stop the use of all of a certain type of resource