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  1. Just what the doctor ordered. Big improvement over the stock hair gel.
  2. I've been noodling with a retexture for the Typhoon and figuring out Textures Unlimited along the way. Needs some more tweaking still before sharing, but that'll have to wait till January. Happy holidays!
  3. Follow up to the previous post, I would like feedback from other Tweakscale users. Here's a list of changes and fixes I'm proposing to the tweakscale patch: Removed Osaul cockpit duplicates, corrected defaultscale on the Osaul radial (aka Yavka) parts to 3.75 m. SXTWingSmall and -Large are covered by SXTWing*, removed those two. Switched wings and elevons to free_square, same as stock wings. (So default scale is 100% and mass changes more reasonably.) Replaced other type=surface scaletypes with more appropriate ones. Switched air intakes from stack to stack_square
  4. Hey @linuxgurugamer, I made a pull request to the tweakscale patch which may or may not break people's crafts, mostly planes though, see what you think.
  5. Well the bus mission seems to work now (KSP 1.3.1&GAP 1.2.9), with only few additional mods at least, so it may have been a mod compatibility issue or something else got fixed in the meantime. And the tourists' spawning was fine too, nobody exploded. However, and this has likely nothing to do with GAP itself but just as a heads-up, I installed the Mac version of KSP for a change (usually running on Win10 via Bootcamp) and I'm getting a massive fps drop from the tourists. Just looking at the bunch from the runway slows everything to a crawl. I never had this problem before and it seems
  6. Sorry, I haven't tried since 1.2.2 and I don't even have KSP installed atm. I could set it up for testing though if I have time, I'd love to help since updated GAP is the main thing I've been waiting for to start a new career game.
  7. No, but AOA Technologies has the extended nose variant.
  8. I haven't tried the pre-releases but reading the changelog, flattening the T1 was definitely the right choice in my opinion. I love building planes in KSP and I always prefer the career mode in games like this. While a crude and bumpy airstrip makes historical or "story" progression sense, the difficulty progression is reversed, which isn't that rewarding game design-wise. When you're a new player starting with the career, you have a limited set of parts to build with and a nightmarish rollercoaster of an airfield to test the feasibility of your creations. You won't know if the fault is i
  9. Really? Well that's a shame. Yeah, sadly no secret recipes, I think they were mostly default settings – for that version anyway, something may have changed in the meantime. However, I did balance the COM right on top of the main gear by tweaking the fuel in the tanks, and that usually helps minimize the pendulum effect. But maybe I just got lucky and managed to make an actually stable tricycle for once. The only trouble I had was with the scaled down nose wheel which loved to explode when braking too hard. But that's somewhat realistic I guess.
  10. Thanks! Nope, I'm using just stock aero. But the speeds were comparatively high in that as well, and I even intentionally used the whole runway on take-offs just to see how it behaves and the ALG worked great. (Much better than stock gear anyway which regularly start this weird self-amplifying oscillation at higher speeds and eventually throw the plane all over the place. ) So is there an issue with FAR and ALG then? I haven't followed those threads in a while.
  11. That's awesome news, thank you for the update! Been a bit busy lately IRL but I'm gonna try the new version out as soon as possible.
  12. That's the Kerbal way. Really? That's hilarious and awesome, never even noticed that. Anyway, the External Command Seat lets you do EVA reports if you want a less silly method.
  13. @Angel-125 There was another mod recently with this issue, looks like the problem is in the RealPlume MM patch for MOLE. ":FOR[RealPlume]:NEEDS[SmokeScreen]" should be ":NEEDS[RealPlume&SmokeScreen]" so that it doesn't presume RP is installed even when it isn't.
  14. I was inspired. With a growing portion of the national scientific funding earmarked to the Flat Kerbin Society, #alternativefacts, the Space Program has been forced to significantly scale back the kerbonaut training courses and subsequent Munar expeditions are now carried out as one-man missions.
  15. Fully! It's nice to finally have landing gears with suspension that actually helps instead of acting like perpetual motion pogosticks.
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