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  1. Aviation Cockpits (New prop cockpits)

    No, but AOA Technologies has the extended nose variant.
  2. Who needs a level runway anyway?

    I haven't tried the pre-releases but reading the changelog, flattening the T1 was definitely the right choice in my opinion. I love building planes in KSP and I always prefer the career mode in games like this. While a crude and bumpy airstrip makes historical or "story" progression sense, the difficulty progression is reversed, which isn't that rewarding game design-wise. When you're a new player starting with the career, you have a limited set of parts to build with and a nightmarish rollercoaster of an airfield to test the feasibility of your creations. You won't know if the fault is in your design or the ground when your carefully crafted plane explodes for the twentieth time. It can be an awfully discouraging introduction to the game. (Made me ragequit a few times at least.) Then you realise all you have to do is upgrade to Level 2 immediately and it's all good. (Or use the grass, which is lame.) But then you also lose that particular challenge and testing ground for the rest of the career. I do wish there was another, more difficult runway apart from the island airfield somewhere on Kerbin. Would it be feasible for example to recycle the now obsolete version of the Level 1 as an anomaly somewhere? Trying to land the late game hypersonic SSTOs on that potato field would be interesting. Also, a big thank you for fixing the seam issues in particular! Getting rid of that kind of seemingly small but nagging bugs helps us keep playing and increases the longevity of the game even further.
  3. Aviation Cockpits (New prop cockpits)

    Really? Well that's a shame. Yeah, sadly no secret recipes, I think they were mostly default settings – for that version anyway, something may have changed in the meantime. However, I did balance the COM right on top of the main gear by tweaking the fuel in the tanks, and that usually helps minimize the pendulum effect. But maybe I just got lucky and managed to make an actually stable tricycle for once. The only trouble I had was with the scaled down nose wheel which loved to explode when braking too hard. But that's somewhat realistic I guess.
  4. Aviation Cockpits (New prop cockpits)

    Thanks! Nope, I'm using just stock aero. But the speeds were comparatively high in that as well, and I even intentionally used the whole runway on take-offs just to see how it behaves and the ALG worked great. (Much better than stock gear anyway which regularly start this weird self-amplifying oscillation at higher speeds and eventually throw the plane all over the place. ) So is there an issue with FAR and ALG then? I haven't followed those threads in a while.
  5. [1.3.x] Kerbin Side GAP

    That's awesome news, thank you for the update! Been a bit busy lately IRL but I'm gonna try the new version out as soon as possible.
  6. That's the Kerbal way. Really? That's hilarious and awesome, never even noticed that. Anyway, the External Command Seat lets you do EVA reports if you want a less silly method.
  7. [1.3.1] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    @Angel-125 There was another mod recently with this issue, looks like the problem is in the RealPlume MM patch for MOLE. ":FOR[RealPlume]:NEEDS[SmokeScreen]" should be ":NEEDS[RealPlume&SmokeScreen]" so that it doesn't presume RP is installed even when it isn't.
  8. [1.x.x] Kerbal Hacks: Droptank "Wrapper"

    I was inspired. With a growing portion of the national scientific funding earmarked to the Flat Kerbin Society, #alternativefacts, the Space Program has been forced to significantly scale back the kerbonaut training courses and subsequent Munar expeditions are now carried out as one-man missions.
  9. Aviation Cockpits (New prop cockpits)

    Fully! It's nice to finally have landing gears with suspension that actually helps instead of acting like perpetual motion pogosticks.
  10. Aviation Cockpits (New prop cockpits)

    Look ma, I am a productive member of the society. I've done a thing. Specifically new textures for the awesome F-104 cockpit which I'm releasing now as a submod in this thread with @Mallikas' permission. Here's what's included: two variants of the cockpit texture and a new IVA texture for the F-104 plus a new blue canopy glass texture for all the planes in the mod. So download and install the "Super Exclusive Early Download" version of the mod on the previous page if you haven't already, then download my texture pack below, replace the textures you want and go build the thing! Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7btz3f4x1hm5x4e/F-104_Retexture.zip?dl=0 Here's an imgur gallery dump for your viewing pleasure. Licence for the submod same as the original, CC BY 4.0
  11. [1.3.1] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    Yep, the Nom-O-Matic 5000
  12. [1.3.1] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    And if you are very picky, an ever so slight Tweakscale adjustment merely to the hexacore lets you hide the wedges neatly inside a service compartment. However two of the four (brainfart edit) six wedges are left hidden behind the compartment wall, so those spots are not ideal for the animated parts. I have four Orbital Science wedges with a couple of Universal Storage supply bags crammed in the return stage here:
  13. [1.3.x] Kerbin Side GAP

    Some mods indeed. But not KAX actually, might have to add that too. Here's a quick screenie of the mod folder. It keeps evolving almost daily though. The plane/helo building essentials for me at the moment are SXT (most of the first plane in the previous pic), AirplanePlus (much of that second plane), KRX for additional helo engines, B9 parts and wings, PWings and especially Procedural Parts for the smoother fuselage pieces (the blue parts of those planes as @Beetlecat said). Lots and lots of other mods too. And a few additional Tweakscale patches on top of those. I showed this one in the KRX thread a while back but here's the helo I've spent way too many hours tweaking. I've probably changed something after taking this screenshot as well. It's amphibious for all those crash landings coast guard rescue missions, and the 6 Kerbal capacity is useful for the tourist contracts too. Center of mass is the critical thing with helos I've found, it has to sit nicely below the thrust of the main engine and as low as possible for any kind of predictable behaviour. In practice that means clipping the main fuel tank(s) inside the fuselage (or cockpit in that one). RCS Build Aid is helpful in placing the wet and dry CoM on the same spot and keeping any unwanted torque minimal.
  14. Also NESD had a teaser of a nice stockalike Mig intake in development in the Open Cockpit thread.
  15. [1.3.1] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    That reminds me, what's the current status of the USI-LS patches, do they have any issues? I have a basic MOLE station on orbit (love it!) and a while back I was planning to expand the station with the Botany Lab among other stuff. In the VAB the operations manager shows the Greenhouse config buttons for both Snacks and Supplies (or is NOMS) but didn't actually let me select the latter. Or at least the description on the right says "Greenhouse (Snacks)" after clicking either button. Wet workshop and MOBL were selectable without problems. I don't have Snacks installed, should it show up at all in that case? As I recall I did a quick launch&revert though and it had the correct resources on the launchpad, so it seemed to be a UI thing only, but I need to revisit the project and recheck that one. Just wondering if anyone's had a similar glitch?