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  1. Fast stick MK2, my second submission: In SPH: In flight: Fastest speed captured before stalling into the ocean: Results: more informative imgur album here
  2. My submission: The fast stick MK1 Here it is on the SPH: On the runway: Liftoff(it has to pitch up or else it crashes into the runway): Side booster separation: Moments before engine cutoff and capsule separation: Capsule separation: Crew ejection & parachute deployment: Results: more detailed imgur album here
  3. I personally found it with one of Matt Lowne's videos, then visited the KSP webpage and bought it on steam.
  4. Added a simple R&D place, because what's a space program without the ability to research new boosters?
  5. As my computer cant run KSP2 by the looks of it, i wonder if KSP will still be updated after KSP2 is released.
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