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  1. Raptor kerman

    LH-1 'Lynx'

  2. Presentation: E606 Kite. Disclaimer, this aircraft is not currently for sale, and will be released to the public shortly. Supersonic aircraft, tend to be poster aircraft, the face of an airline, often driving ticket sales, a passenger's dream, an economist's nightmare. Few SST's make money, even fewer generate meaningful profits. The Kite Project, which will use the E606 denomination in service, aims to change that. This highly optimised aircraft will help you on the way to monopolising the airline industry. The E606 project was designed from the ground up to make money, featuring almost endless attributes aimed at increasing passenger yields and lowering operating costs. We believe this is the first aircraft Kerbal express Airlines can use a flagship money making machine for these reasons: -Extremely long range makes it ideal for hub to hub trunk routes -Extremely high speeds in the ballpark of 1500 m/s for more daily flights with less cycles. -Extremely low fuel consumption in the region of 0.7 in the cruising bracket lowers the cost per flight to below that of non SST aircraft. -High density cabin for increased pax count of 120 puts it on par with aircraft of comparable size and weight. -Two engines instead of four, greatly reduces fuel consumption, weight and maintenance costs. -Innovative nose and wing design allows the airframe to cope with higher temperatures for longer periods, reducing the number of airframe losses due to heating, reduces long term operating costs due to next of kin suing the company. -Easy taxiing due to steering in the nose AND main landing gear. -Reduced size with the use of the double barrel cabin setup allows use in smaller airports and gates. To summarise, the E606 Kite is an extremely optimised aeroplane designed to make a maximum amount of money, due to its long range, high capacity and extremely low fuel costs. Our analysts predict a colossal 18% increase in daily flights on trunk routes, 43% decrease in ticket costs, putting an economy class ticket on this SST at the cost of a premium economy ticket on a legacy aircraft, a 20% increase passenger yield leading to 17% more fully booked flights on said routes. Due to the Kite being four times faster than a comparable jumbo jet, trans continental routes like KSC-desert airfield can be served four or even six times a day compared to two. This is THE aircraft for YOUR airline. Place your options today! The makers of the E606 Kite refuse to acknowledge test pilot and engineer reports and testimony of extremely high fuel consumption during take-off to cruise periods, woeful low speed pitch sensitivity, excessively sensitive roll controls throughout the flight envelope. The makers of the E606 Kite also refuse to accept the existence of extremely slow take offs and potentially deadly climb outs and transitions from cruising at extremely high speeds and altitudes to medium speeds and altitudes. They also refuse to accept the danger of using yaw controls or developing a working auto pilot to remedy said problems.
  3. Raptor kerman

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Can we download this?
  4. Raptor kerman

    What is the most HORRIBLE way one of your kerbals died

    EVA'd during Kerbin re-entry. Poof. No more Kerbal
  5. Raptor kerman

    What did you do in KSP today?

  6. Raptor kerman

    High speed stock Aircraft challenge.

    Yeah, a rapier stage halves the DV requirements with minimal mass. If you get it right you can get another 300 m/s out of them. Making the speedster much more efficient.
  7. Raptor kerman

    High speed stock Aircraft challenge.

    Ok, so I've come up with a design that should work, still a LOT of optimisation to do and I might be going off on the wrong track... Mk1 parts only, rapier booster to half DV requirements on the stage doing the speeding, nuclear speedster stage or aerospike... you don't need that much power, lifting surfaces are control surfaces, tests will show whether i need a downforce 'floor' like in F1. Bruh. This could be huge, 3km/s below 30km... SHOULD be possible.
  8. Raptor kerman

    High speed stock Aircraft challenge.

    Not necessarily, at those speeds, the aim of wings is to stop the aircraft carreering off above 30 000 meters because above that, wings have almost no effect.
  9. Raptor kerman

    High speed stock Aircraft challenge.

    ay, i'll give this a shot, pretty sure 3 km/s is achievable below 30km. Gonna be hard though. Wings will have to create a LOT of downforce instead of lift .
  10. Raptor kerman

    Human Space Program

    Made and finished an awesome rocket using the Great Britain mod. Rocket got deleted after making it to orbit. and all trace of it, please fix. Resetting files causes it to cancel for 'budget reasons' what is this.
  11. The box rule prohibits this but the no limits class does not, so long as the final stage is recovered... I really should update the rules. Anyway, good luck!
  12. Raptor kerman

    High speed stock Aircraft challenge.

    Similar and more complete challenge already exists :), looks like a fun take on it though.
  13. I'm speaking from the designer's perspective as the ones being unable to run mods (like me, i can just about run KSP but even installing KER or HyperEdit makes the computer grind to less than 5fps). And yes, i do know the rules . Thanks for the answer, its appreciated!
  14. Awesome, but I'm thinking of something akin to F1 rules, where only the basic airframe, aerodynamic surfaces and powerplant is provided, leaving the entire weapons and control system to be developed and integrated separately while the aerodynamic properties are already figured out, it would be more complicated than 'just adding missiles'. I think it would be a good idea for players who for whatever reason can't run mods on their machine but want to participate. It could be a 'quick and dirty' way for new players to get acquainted to the challenge and while this challenge is EXTREMELY popular i think this would give a welcome boost. If this does work, why not have a spoiler with the list of 'approved constructors' and their kerbalX link. To become approved the constructor would have to submit at least 3 independent designs that exceed expectations when integrated with the weapons system and is met with some success. Independent where the designs are not based of each other or a common design.
  15. Hey are we allowed to enter as a constructor (airframe providor) where people download our craft clean before adding their own weapons. Just like how in F1 most teams buy the engine and gearbox components from constructors.