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  1. So when is is this DLC coming out? We want it now!
  2. *faking mun landings*.
  3. Hi, I'm nearing the completion of an upgrade and family expansion to my Super Transporter cargo plane. NEO stands for New Equipment Option. The ST' is completely re winged, thus saving around 6 tonnes. You heard me right. New canards and tail assemblies save around half a ton. Preliminary MTOW tests indicate around 170 tons of MTOW, impressive for a 50 ton plane. I've expanded the family, the forward section and wing surfaces are all common components of each variant, I've made the following variants: HGW: high gross weight ER: Extended range PAX: passenger variant with limited cargo capacity OSL: Oversized lifter VTOL: Vertical take off and landing (crude) S: stretched LR: long range (in development) I'm thinking of adding an APU, should this be RTG based or based around a wheesely engine? Should I make an ER-S (extended range- stretched) or even an STOL variant. I'd like to know your thoughts on these additions and the variants I offer in general. What would you like to see added or deleted? What are your opinions? Thank you so much! Here's the original thread, the standard NEO standard differs very little in terms of looks.
  4. No DLC's, full stop. I believe they repulse potential players, just implement these additions in the game as a normal part of the game. Or just give the modding community steroids, mods in KSP are already easy to install, but there's still a few eccentricities for new players to grasp.
  5. @Streetwind, @TheRagingIrishmanI just didn't know what to expect when asking for this. This mod would add audio warnings only like 50, 40, 30, retard, retard, stall warnings, terrain warnings... Say you select a target or a flag, for this example lets say you've placed a flag on the runway, when you are 50 metres away, you start getting that famous message this would also work when docking. For the stall warning, you enter the stall speed of your aircraft, when you reach this speed you get the stall warning with the alarm and eveything. If ANY part falls of your craft you get an alarm and a master alarm comes on if your engines fall of. For terrain warnings, you select the altitude at which the warnings come on and when you're at that altitude compared to the ground you get 'caution, terrain, caution terrain, pull up!' Of course you could modify which warnings you like or even completey turn them of. This would be accessible through a menu like hyper edit. As in the side, under the resources. Or through a shortcut like alt + A or something. Since stall speed is determined by a complicated equation, instead you enter the stall speed, there would be a few small notes explaining how to determine the stall speed. This is the basic idea, It would still need to be elaborated to be more flexible, user friendly and to make it more unique to set it apart. This mod would be aimed for beginner players wanting easy to understand indications on their status of flight or for more experienced players wanting a bit more realism or again for normal players like you and I who wanting a bit of variety in their game.
  6. Hey all, I have an idea for a mod, but I don't how to code, let alone how I should make the mod. It would be a mod that adds no parts, just a bit more realism :). I'm keeping what it actually does secret because I'm pretty sure it hasn't been done before and I don't want people stealing ideas. So if anyone here knows how to code and is willing to help me out, please make yourself known and send me a PM and we'll work from there. I would preferably like it if you speak English and live in GMT or CET time zones. I don't want to be on Skype at ridiculous hours just for a mod on a game. I'm also on holiday and won't be able to Skype for the next week from the 12 to the 17th June. THANKS THANKS THANKS THANK THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. If you've chosen the no limits class, it HAS to adhere to the basic rules. One of these is to stay below 70 000 metres at ALL times during your record run. If you do another record run and stay below 70 000 metres at all times I'll accept the run.
  8. Aircraft goes above 70 000 metres and this particular record run is not compliant. @Joseph Kerman
  9. Sorry for my absence, I'm back! @RedPandaz, @ShadowGoat, @Cunjo Carl, @Joseph Kerman. I'll add you to the leaderboards later in the day!
  10. Matt you wondrous god like space explorer.... have you ever though about making hydrofoilers or vehicles to recover spacecraft if they land far away. The recovery button is son overrated.
  11. During tests it didn't.
  12. https://kerbalx.com/RaptorWorKs/Mk1-3-NEO-command-pod-New-Equipment-Option This is a comprehensive improvement to the basic Mk 1-2 Command pod. Here it is in all it's glory with landing legs and airbrakes deployed. The NEO will be upgraded in blocks, with Block 10 and 10B being the next updates coming soon! This Command pod has 4000 added electric charge in a battery along with a solar panel deployable via action group 1. Landing legs are deployable using the landing gear shortcut for landing on bumpy terrain or on the side of mountains. A shielded docking port is also provided. The reentry sequence is as follows: deploy airbrakes until overheating starts, retract them, keep doing this for a faster re entry. Keep them permanently open below 800 m/s. After this, jettison the heat shield AND docking port via staging. Then deploy the drogue chute and finally the main chutes. 300 RCS is provided for extra control, mainly on reentry. Please give me your feedback and constructive criticism for better block upgrades!
  13. Verified and added to the leaderboard.
  14. Cool! You'll be added to the leaderboard later in the day I'll also fix loopholes in the class rules!
  15. The usage of the debug menu is not forbidden.