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  1. Hi I seem to be encountering a bug where the 0.35m nose cone is 10.3m tall. See screenshots. Pretty relevant to a career mode game where you have a height limit of 20m before upgrading the pad. https://imgur.com/4bTpjQ8 https://imgur.com/DkeOo0c
  2. Yeah seems to be a conflict with modular fuel tanks, my config file shows the same as yours. Removing MFT resulted in correct values in game. I am using 1.1.3 ....... but I've just put the latest versions of both mods and module manager in the latest game version and the problem still exists.
  3. What did I do in KSP today? "Visited" the islands!
  4. Been playing my most recent career game with this mod, awesome stuff. Mun base under construction, Crane in the background with plenty of IR parts for docking sections together. Question though. The quarter round fuel tanks seem to hold absurd quantities. The K&K T200 holds 450/550, much more than the stock 2.5m tank which is four times the physical size! I wanted to start using some of these parts but it seems kind of cheating to have fuel tanks this small available. Is this intended? The worst contender is the K&K RCS container. With modular fuels, you can set it to hold almost 3 times as much mono as the 2.5m one