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  1. A pyramid? ALIENS
  2. What a coincidence! We're already going to do that. Remember that Barnard's star analogue we're adding in? There's a lot more of those coming in 0.7
  3. Considering the sheer number of available biomes and science points available in this mod I really don't think it will be that hard to finish the science tree before exiting the Kerbol System
  4. It will be very difficult. The lore biomes in most cases will be very very small, and located in various different planets scattered across different systems in a random order. We're still perfecting the actual part that will be implemented and I think it will be pretty resource-intensive and bulky to discourage being able to just send nano probes everywhere to find them.
  5. Basically a treasure hunt around the KSS Universe to get people motivated to reach for the stars.
  6. I have the feeling that we're in for a boatload of new awesome loading screen pics for 0.7
  7. There are already two comets in KSS. More comets and possibly working particle trails coming in future updates.
  8. There should probably be a giant warning on the front page not to run this with 1.3. A lot of people seem to be having this issue.
  9. We could go the easy route too... Toy solar system + Mechjeb + Hyperedit in Sandbox mode.
  10. What about GPP+KSS+Principia at real scale and with only stock parts?
  11. Does anything happen at around 4000 km?
  12. Jool's atmosphere is indeed 400 km high. But the border between low Jool orbit and high Jool orbit should be around 4000 km high.
  13. I'd be more worried about the mod if there actually is a trillion bugs in it...
  14. @Felsmak You should check out the mod Kerbol Starsystem! It's a mod that adds multiple (beautiful) star systems and also changes the stock Kerbol System! Not only that, but 4 of the outer planets are called Jool, Voon, Oran, and Naal.
  15. Haha, no problem. I admit my idea may have seemed somewhat unrealistic/unnecessary, and you brought up some very good points. And thanks for the suggestions. I'll go check them out.