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  1. Has anyone made a restock plume config yet?
  2. How do you get the modules to connect Do I just place RC on them or do I Berth them with an arm or something?
  3. Natokerbal

    2.5m Fuel Tanks just..

    They just need more texture variants.
  4. Natokerbal

    2.5m Fuel Tanks just..

    They are so off putting. there is only one all white tank and it is the only revamped fuel tank type to have only two variants. They literally are tubes. the 1.25 and 1.875 at least have some shape differential like pipes and stuff. they really need fixed.
  5. @AlphaMensae how do I use the New crew access arm for the FSS for the Dragon 2? where do I place it and what configs?
  6. Natokerbal

    [1.6.x] Starman's Tesla Roadster

    How well is it going?
  7. Looks like BDB for the antennas and stock for the grey panels. Solar panels might be BDB or near future, possibly Tantares?
  8. @damonvv ok 5 things... 1. I love the New dragon and Falcons 2. TEL is awesome 3. I figured out stage sep 4. Cargo dragon has the same bug as crew dragon where it wants to reenter like a starship (Sideways) 5. Do you plan on upgrading Tundra technologies? EDIT: the TEL won't let go of my ghidorah even though the tower falls back. (this)