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  1. It's part of the lights action group which I believe is Now U.
  2. Hey just wondering do the engine plumes expand as you get higher in the atmosphere?
  3. 13 hours. I was creating a KOS script for a fh mission. it took SOOOOOOOO long for the booster landing. It was a great pic though
  4. uh only the making history suit changes. the stock EVA suit is the same for everyone.
  5. Tylo is kinda flat compared to other bodies. Also if ur orbiting through a canyon make sure it's VERY eliptical. The Mnn has a canyon near the equator but it's not straight like Dres.
  6. I wanna know what everyone listens to when they play ksp considering I've been listening to the stock music and it gets repetetive.
  7. yup it was rational resources. also I thought it was an expectation to have a log. thanks for the help
  8. well this is lovley
  9. How do I change terrain? I wanna flatten some land for a second KSC