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  1. Is there a dependency for the extra probe cores? Ive installed manually and through ckan and can't seem to find them on the 1.9 version
  2. Hello! I've got a question about SSPR. is it normal for performance in the VAB to be bad when I have multiple SSPR parts? In-flight is perfectly fine but for some reason in the VAB I get big performance hits. I've tested with only SSPR and it still causes it. I've tested in both 1.8 and 1.9 with respective versions. Thanks!
  3. great mod! ive been using it for years and I just wanted to say thank you for making it.
  4. yes it is. just do doaction(enginemode "1-3") and it should work. unless something changed cause ive done it before and it's worked.
  5. just use anti target from the main command pod for both of them if you look closely there are pipes on the inside of the engine pay and those should line up with small going into big and big going into small
  6. 1. yes it does you dock them butt to butt how elon showed it. 2. you need the full mod for the solar panels. I meant the real falcon 9 fuel tanks issue not TE lol
  7. the way falcon 9 works is that the engines are supposed to shutdown before they explode. and if it's an issue with the tank the engines won't exactly have much thrust.
  8. you sir, are what we need more of in this community. I am honored to be the first one to like your posts.
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