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  1. @damonvv ok 5 things... 1. I love the New dragon and Falcons 2. TEL is awesome 3. I figured out stage sep 4. Cargo dragon has the same bug as crew dragon where it wants to reenter like a starship (Sideways) 5. Do you plan on upgrading Tundra technologies? EDIT: the TEL won't let go of my ghidorah even though the tower falls back. (this)
  2. I think they just use the pusher mechanism. I don't think the nitrogen thrusters do enough to actually push it away I think it just settles the fuel in the tanks
  3. @damonvv for FMRS what do you have your separation delay setting set at? the Interstage and the MVAC engine collide and blow up parts of the rocket and cause it to start spinning uncontrollably.
  4. Anyone know how to change a plume type of an engine? I want to change the poodle and the Terrier to orange hypergolic not the white one
  5. OOOOOOOOHHH I love this idea. but one problem. we still don't know what it will look like @damonvv said he wants to wait for official renders of starship before he makes a new one.
  6. For FMRS you need to go to FMRS thread for that. for the Interstage and main tank I think it's in a good spot considering the real life technology is VERY advanced.
  7. 1.thanks for the TEL thing 2. Congrats for thread of the month, you and the mod deserve it!
  8. @damonvv I'm back with another bug on the lovely beta version. this time the TEL doesn't have a stage anymore to be able to decouple and retract. no action group or anything. it's great for static fires just not trying to liftoff.
  9. great! then it won't tip over when I land on the side of it! Also I feel like i order to make ksp truly spacex-esk we needa kerbalized spacex space suit
  10. @damonvv I can't find the Titan launch clamps or the atlas tower even though I have advancedtextures installed. F9 TEL shows up though, Btw I'm using 1.6.1 on current tundra and friends mods.
  11. @damonvv Just FYI the plume on the new MVAC needs to be scooted back a little as it clips through the bottom half of the engine bell. EDIT: Also do you have any tips for landing directly on the landing pads?
  12. Wait, They've been on github!?!?!?! I'm so dumb lol. I thought you were gonna release them on github today.
  13. Hello! I would like to ask how I get reflections on visors in 1.5