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  1. @damonvv do you think the vacuum Merlin engine could have a foil variant like on the real falcon 9?
  2. the poodle needs two plumes now and the spark needs to be offset a little
  3. Well Ik he uses a custom ksc in 2.5 scale Kerbin because he said it once @damonvv will F9 first stage ever get realplume support again?
  4. @damonvv When will the smoke on some of the pads be fixed? thanks in advance.
  5. Yeah that will be easier won't it. @Vanamonde Can I have this thread locked or deleted?
  6. That's what I meant. As long as no money is made it is fine I think.
  7. If anyone has a RSS/RO/FAR 1.2.2 game can you send it to me? Every time I try to install the game breaks.
  8. @damonvv Ok very sorry to waste your time, But I was wondering if you were planning on making the Vandenberg TEL and the SLC-40 TEL
  9. Jesus that was quick. I love the Clamps! Remember to add compression bridges! Also I understand that it's not finished but will the flame hole be square like that, or will it be octagonal like the real one?
  10. @damonvv Will the TE have falcon 9 and heavy variants? or will it be just one?
  11. There was a SpaceX landing barge mod for KK and now I can't find it did it get deleted? Can anyone give me the link if it's still around?
  12. It doesn't work for this do I need to put it in a pre made .cfg or do I make a new one and if so what do I name it?
  13. Is there a way to have this be modified for tweakscale?