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  1. @damonvv I love the lc-39 pad but the lightning towers put me off cause they aren't on the real one and they look so out of place.
  2. When I have realplume installed The Apollo launch escape tower has an invisible plume. Is it bugged? Im using 1.4.5 btw
  3. on the second picture, you have the legs too far up the bottom hinges should be on the top of the engine black part
  4. Play some Frugby … hold lmb - grab hold rmb - pull release rmb - push ctrl - duck/stand up space - jump shift - look captain of the team has to invite players to join, press esc to toggle team screen
  5. @damonvv Hey, its me again, The fairing bug is back with blowing up the second stage tank.
  6. Everyone your designs are great so far! I can't wait to see what you and other people make
  7. It has to be a platform that would be ok to do that the point of the challenge is for first stages
  8. That makes me wanna count it but I dont wanna change the rules for one person. great mission though.
  9. (Hint: try a spaceplane instead of a rocket) Hmmm good idea i'll try that
  10. The SpaceK R&D are trying to figure out how to perfect their reusable rocket program. They asked for your help on how to land a First Stage Booster or FSB. They want the payload margin to be large for their satellites. Happy launching's and landings! This challenge is simple. land an orbital rocket booster without parachutes. Requirements: The booster must reach orbit then come back down to Kerbin and land successfully without detaching anything but fairings and the payload. Payload Minimum: 1.25m-1.5 Tons 1.875m- 2.5 Tons 2.5m- 4.5 Tons 3.75m- 7.5 Tons 5m- 10 Tons (If you have clustered cores then do whatever the cores are closest to in size) Point Bonuses: It's Good to See You Again: land somewhere on Kerbin. 30pts Aboat Time!: land your booster on a platform in one of Kerbin's oceans. 100pts Backyard Touchdown! Land in the flat are around KSC. 50pts Honey I'm Home!: land inside KSC. 60points Boosterseye! land back on the launch mount. 100pts Pivotal part: Use stock hinges for landing legs. 25pts Alien Technology: use part mods. -10pts per part Lazy: Use autopilot for launch and/or landing. -20pts Dangerous life: Use a suicide burn for the final landing burn. 50pts Fashion statement: your booster/ rocket looks cool. 20pts (awarded by me) Having some fun: have an interesting/creative payload. 20pts (awarded by me) Weight Lifter: Beat the weight minimum. 25pts Good luck everyone. Leaderboards: Stock-Orbital Stock-Suborbital Modded-Orbital Modded-Suborbital 1. Kerbolitto 75pts 1. JacobJHC 85pts 1. 1.TheEnderman 90pts 2. 2. 2. 2. 3. 3. 3. 3. 4. 4. 4. 4. 5. 5. 5. 5.