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  1. Great idea I'm gonna use that if you don't mind.
  2. Does anyone else get bothered by the new long 2.5m tanks because they have 3 black stripes but the other 2.5m tanks have 4 black stripes and it means the textures don't fit and it makes most of my rockets look weird due to them not fitting.
  3. Is the Second stage tank supposed to explode when the new fairing separates. Just FYI its around 45,000-50,000m with the second stage engine running. Thanks in advance, I love the mod.
  4. Not a bad idea except I really want to have a Butt to Butt docking. I have also tried doing that and you can't dock the cargo bay.
  5. @damonvv Are you going to make the BFR tanker any time soon? I love what you've done with this mod btw it's amazing.
  6. Im sorry I wasnt specific enough and being a d*ck. What I meant was for the Gojira and the Mothra. I honestly love people that make mods, I have supported many modders. I just really want it because I really hate the stock plumes and Im still a little liquided from my personal life. I'm sorry, I honestly love this mod, this is my most used mod in KSP minus Graphics and KER.
  7. So when can we get some RealPlume support? Sry for sounding like a D*ck it just really bothers me and I want it Implemented already.
  8. okay thank you i was getting confused about what to do with them Moderator I want this thread closed, thank you
  9. As I asked what makes them useful for more than a cargo bay, because they don't hold fuel or anything and there are no radial LF/O tanks in the game so I cant put fuel in it without clipping parts severely.
  10. Its exclusive to the builder and so you have to either use mods or just suffer.
  11. Thanks I didn't notice I love the mod though really helps me with roleplayfunctions.
  12. The attachment nodes on the cabs aren't connecting to the chassis or anything else
  13. Ok thanks I was wondering because I just started using the rockets and realized the plume was still stock.
  14. It's there. Its in Experimental Aerodynamics
  15. Okay I'm Gonna have to give up on this I have tried for hours on end and can't seem to get the darn thing to land in one piece and fit in the mk3 bay
  16. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED Uh Can I use mods like KER and Visual mods?
  17. I know they are parts of the MHE. I was making a joke I saw what parts are in there
  18. Looks like some new parts are in the menu